From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Instructions to authors

You can get the Instructions in pdf here: Instructions.pdf


1. Submission of a paper to HISTOLOGY AND HISTOPATHOLOGY must be based on the tacit assurance that no similar paper, except for a preliminary report, has been or will be submitted for publication elsewhere. The decision on acceptance of manuscripts will be made on the basis of a peer review system.

2. The first page should contain the full title, the author's name(s), place of work, address for correspondence and a short running title (no more than 40 spaces).

3. For indexing purposes, a small number of "key words" (no more than 5) must be supplied.

4. The text should be preceded by a short summary not exceeding 250 words and should then proceed to sections of Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements and References.

5. Do not divide words at the end of lines. Pages should be numbered consecutively in arabic numerals. Tables, footnotes and figure legends including magnifications, should be submitted on separate sheets. Tables and figures should be referred in the text as (Table 1), (Fig. 1)...

6. References to the literature should be cited in the text by the name of the author(s) followed by the year of publication. In cases in which there are more than two authors, only the first is named, followed by "et al.". Examples: Smith (1980) reported that...; (Smith, 1980, 1982); (Smith and Tanaka, 1980); (Smith et al., 1980). Suffixes a, b, etc., should be used following the year to distinguish two or more papers by the same author(s) published in the same year; example (Smith, 1981a). When two or more references are included in the same bracket, they must be quoted in the chronological order; example (Smith, 1980; Bell et al., 1984).

7. The reference list should be in alphabetical order. References to articles in periodical publications must include: Names and initials of all authors, year of publication, complete title of paper, name of journal (abbreviated in accordance with PubMed), number of volume, and first and last page numbers. Example: Morita T., Suzuki Y. and Churg J. (1973). Structure and development of the glomerular crescent. Am. J. Pathol. 72, 349-368.

Reference to books must include: Name and initials of authors, year of publication, full title, edition, editor, publisher, place of publication and page numbers. Example: Powell D. and Skrabanek P. (1981). Substance P. In: Gut Hormones. 2nd ed. Bloom S.R. and Polak J.M. (eds). Churchill Livingstone. Edimburgh. pp 396-401.

8. Illustrations should not exceed 17.8 x 22.2 cm. The Editor reserves the right to reduce or enlarge the illustrations. Apply figure numbers to the lower left-hand corner of each photograph and the scale bar at the lower right-hand corner. Images should be TIFF file format, preferentially, although other formats could be useful (jpg, ppt, etc). Black and white figures must be at gray scale. Color figures should be preferentially in CMYK, but RGB is also allowed. Line art files must have a 500dpi resolution, while other images must have a 300dpi resolution.

9. Charges to authors: The authors are requested to cover part of the publication cost (each article with black and white figures: 600 euros; articles with color pages: 900 euros for one color page + 50 euros per additional colour page). Open access publication is available at a additional rate of 1,000 euros (the paper will be published on the Creative Commons CC-BY license). The authors receive 25 reprints free of charge. The charge for reprints exceeding this number is 25 cents per page each copy.

10. Electronic submission. The articles must be uploaded to this page. The text document must be saved as Word or RTF format. Tables must be included in the text document. Figures must be saved in the formats and at the resolution indicated in point 8 (Illustrations).