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Original Articles - Accepted preprints

Accepted Preprints are authors' manuscripts of accepted articles, prior to copyediting, page layout and proofing, available immediately on the day of acceptance for publication.


Yu Chen, Yue Ding and Li-Ming Wang: Tripartite Motif-Containing 35 (TRIM35) is Up-Regulated in UUO-Induced Renal Fibrosis Animal Model. Manuscript

Irene Sfougataki, Ioanna Varela, Kalliope Stefanaki, Angeliki Karagiannidou, Maria G. Roubelakis, Vasiliki Kalodimou, Ioanna Papathanasiou, Joanne Traeger-Synodinos, Sofia Kitsiou-Tzeli, Emmanuel Kanavakis, Vasiliki Kitra, Aspasia Tsezou, Maria Tzetis and Evgenios Goussetis: Proliferative and chondrogenic potential of mesenchymal stromal cells from pluripotent and bone marrow cells. Manuscript

Aisha D. Alalwani: Nephrotoxicity of Cypermethrin in Rats. Histopathological Aspects. Manuscript

Lihua Gong, Marilyn M. Bui, Wen Zhang, Xiaoqi Sun, Ming Zhang and Ding Yi: H3F3A G34 mutation DNA sequencing and G34W immunohistochemistry analysis in 366 cases of giant cell tumors of bone and other bone tumors. Manuscript

Jae-Ryong Kim and Joon Hyuk Choi: CD9 Expression in Vascular Aging and Atherosclerosis. Manuscript

Mónica Tomás, Emma Martínez-Alonso, Narcisa Martínez-Martínez, Mireia Cara-Esteban and José A. Martínez-Menárguez: Fragmentation of the Golgi complex of dopaminergic neurons in human substantia nigra: new cytopathological findings in Parkinson’s disease. Manuscript

Wael Abdo Hassan and Takaaki Ito: Identifying specific Notch1 target proteins in lung carcinoma cells. Manuscript

Lőrincz, Dávid and Kálmán, Mihály: No rapid and demarcating astroglial reaction to stab wounds in Agama and Gecko lizards and the caiman Paleosuchus – it is confined to birds and mammals. Manuscript

Bor-Chyuan Su, Chen-Hung Ting, Kang-Yun Lee, Sheng-Ming Wu, Po-Hao Feng, Yao-Fei Chan and Jyh-Yih Chen: Novel PD-L1 mAb HC16 reveals upregulation of PD-L1 in BAC subtype. Manuscript

Rukhsana Aslam, Ali Hussain, Kang Cheng, Vinod Kumar, Ashwani Malhotra, Sanjeev Gupta and Pravin C. Singhal: Transplantation of mesenchymal stem cells preserves podocyte homeostasis through modulation of parietal epithelial cell activation in adriamycin-induced mouse kidney injury model. Manuscript

Boyang Sun, Kai Xing, Chen Qi, Ke Yan and Yan Xu: Down-regulation of miR-215 attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory injury in CCD-18co cells by targeting GDF11 through the TLR4/NF-kB and JNK/p38 signaling pathways. Manuscript

Cássio Virgílio Cavalcante de Oliveira, Gilton Marques Fonseca, Jaime Arthur Pirola Kruger, Evandro Sobroza de Mello, Fabricio Ferreira Coelho and Paulo Herman: Histopathological prognostic factors for colorectal liver metastases: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies. Manuscript

Haifeng Cao, Bing Fang, Xudong Wang and Yanheng Zhou: Sympathetic Nervous System Contributes to Orthodontic Tooth Movement by Central Neural Regulation from Hypothalamus. Manuscript

Kunio Mochizuki, Naoki Oishi, Masataka Kawai, Toru Odate, Ippei Tahara, Tomohiro Inoue, Kazunari Kasai and Tetsuo Kondo: Expressions of IL-8 and CXCL5 in uterine endometrioid carcinomas which have frequent neutrophil infiltration and comparison to colorectal adenocarcinoma. Manuscript

Yan Liu, Zhi-Zhen Huang, Li Min, Zhi-Feng Li and Kui Chen: The BRD4 inhibitor JQ1 protects against chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in mice by suppressing NF-κB activation. Manuscript

Hirotsugu Noguchi, Sohsuke Yamada, Ken-ichi Hirano, Satoshi Yamaguchi, Akira Suzuki, Xin Guo, Nobuhiro Zaima, Ming Li, Kunihisa Kobayashi, Yoshihiko Ikeda, Toshiyuki Nakayama and Yasuyuki Sasaguri: Outside-in signaling by femoral cuff injury induces a distinct vascular lesion in adipose triglyceride lipase knockout mice. Manuscript

Patricia Rivas-Manzano, María Marcela Ramírez-Escoto, Concepción De la Rosa-Rugerio, Concepción Rugerio-Vargas, Rosario Ortiz-Hernández and Nayeli Torres- Ramírez: Argentic staining reveals changes in cerebellar tissue organisation by prenatal glucocorticoid administration in rats. Manuscript

Lucio Díaz-Flores, Ricardo Gutiérrez, Miriam González-Gómez, Mª Pino García, José Luis Carrasco, Lucio Díaz-Flores Jr. and Juan F. Madrid: Myriad pillars formed by intussusceptive angiogenesis as the basic of intravascular papillary endothelial hyperplasia (IPEH). Manuscript

Qingwu Liao, Wenan Chen, Zhufeng Tong, Mingming Xue, Tianwen Gu, Ying Yuan, Zhenju Song and Zhengang Tao: Shufeng Jiedu capsules protect rats against LPS-induced acute lung injury via activating NRF2-associated antioxidant pathway. Manuscript

Frequent DYRK2 gene amplification in micropapillary element of lung adenocarcinoma - an implication in progression in EGFR-mutated lung adenocarcinoma -: Chihiro Koike, Koji Okudela, Mai Matsumura, Hideaki Mitsui, Takehisa Suzuki, Hiromasa Arai, Toshiaki Kataoka, Yoshihiro Ishikawa, Shigeaki Umeda, Yoko Tateishi and Kenichi Ohashi. Manuscript

Nermine M. Abd Raboh, Sarah A. Hakim and Rasha M. Abd El Atti: Implications of androgen receptor and FUS expression on tumor progression in urothelial carcinoma. Manuscript

Pan He, Zhijun Wang, Bin Sheng, Yongqiang Xu, Siyin Feng, Yan Huang, Fuqiang Gong, Liting Tang and Liming Xie: Diallyl trisulfide regulates cell apoptosis and invasion in human Osteosarcoma U2OS cells through regulating PI3K/AKT/GSK3β signaling pathway. Manuscript

Yunzhu Li, Jiayu Li and Jiman Li: Two updates on oesophagogastric junction adenocarcinoma from the fifth WHO classification: alteration of definition and emphasis on HER2 test. Manuscript

Robert Siggel, Falk Schroedl, Thomas Dietlein, Konrad R. Koch, Christian Platzl, Alexandra Kaser-Eichberger, Claus Cursiefen and Ludwig M. Heindl: Absence of lymphatic vessels in non-functioning bleb capsules of glaucoma drainage devices. Manuscript

Hong-Yi Zhou, Fan Jiang, Zhong Cao, Qi-Yun Shen, Yu-Jing Feng and Zhen-Huan Hou: Propofol protects PC12 cells from cobalt chloride -induced injury by mediating miR-134. Manuscript

Hejing Wang, Yanmeng Li, Donghu Zhou, Xiaojin Li, Siyu Jia, Saiping Qi, Jian Huang: Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1B1 is a potential marker of colorectal tumors. Manuscript

Pei Wu, Jinou Wang, Xiaoyun Mao, Huimian Xu and Zhi Zhu: PDCD4 regulates apoptosis in human peritoneal mesothelial cells and promotes gastric cancer peritoneal metastasis. Manuscript

Wei-Wei Bao, Xing-Hui Qu, Yan Ma, You-Ling Shi, Guang-Ming Pang and Lei Yang: MiR-590-5p regulates cell proliferation, apoptosis, migration and invasion in oral squamous cell carcinoma by targeting RECK. Manuscript