From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 35, number 9 (September), 2020 (published online: September 9, 2020)



PSMA expression on neovasculature of solid tumors
C. Van de Wiele, M. Sathekge, B. de Spiegeleer, P. Jan De Jonghe, P.R. Debruyne, M. Borms, L. Beels and A. Maes

pp 919-927


Treatment and new progress of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain damage
L. Yang, H. Zhao and H. Cui
pp 929-936


Solid phase-based cross-matching for solid organ transplantation: Currently out-of-stock but urgently required for improved allograft outcome
G. Schlaf, D. Bau, N. Horstmann, G. Sawers and W. Altermann
pp 937-948



Comparative analysis of the expression profiles of genes related to the Gadd45α signaling pathway in four kinds of liver diseases
X. Yang, X. Chen, C. Xia, S. Li, L. Zhu and C. Xu
pp 949-960


Follicle-stimulating hormone promotes nerve growth factor and vascular endothelial growth factor expression in epithelial ovarian cells
M.P. Garrido, N. Bruneau, M. Vega, A. Selman, J.C. Tapia and C. Romero
pp 961-971


Long non-coding RNA SNHG7 promotes malignant melanoma progression through negative modulation of miR-9
W. Wang, G. Liu, M. Liu and X. Li
pp 973-981


Expression and prognostic significance of YAP, TAZ, TEAD4 and p73 in human laryngeal cancer
G. Tsinias, S. Nikou, N. Mastronikolis, V. Bravou and H. Papadaki
pp 983-995


Knockdown of ADAMDEC1 inhibits the progression of glioma in vitro
X. Liu, H. Huang, X. Li, X. Zheng, C. Zhou, B. Xue, J. He, Y. Zhang and L. Liu
pp 997-1005


Merkel cells of human oral mucosa express the pluripotent stem cell transcription factor Sox2
L. García-Caballero, J. Caneiro, M. Gándara, N. González-Ortega, A. Cepeda-Emiliani, F. Gude, M. Collado, A. Beiras and R. Gallego
pp 1007-1012


Silence of FOXD2-AS1 inhibited the proliferation and invasion of esophagus cells by regulating miR-145-5p/CDK6 axis
W. Shi, Z. Gao, J. Song and W. Wang
pp 1013-1021


Phosphorylated TDP-43 localizes to chronic cerebral infarctions in human brains
T. Umahara, T. Uchihara, K. Hirao, S. Shimizu and H. Hanyu
pp 1023-1028


Angiopoietin-1 is associated with a decreased risk of lymph node metastasis in early stage cervical cancer
E. Cai, D. Yang, Y. Zhang, J. Cai, S. Sun, P. Yang, Y. Huang, Q. Han, Z. Xiong and S. Wang
pp 1029-1034


Analysis of wt1a reporter line expression levels during proepicardium formation in the zebrafish
L. Andrés-Delgado, M. Galardi-Castilla, N. Mercader and L. Santamaría
pp 1035-1046


Histone deacetylase 6 inhibitor ACY1215 ameliorates mitochondrial dynamic and function injury in hepatocytes by activating AMPK signaling pathway in acute liver failure mice
Q. Chen, Y. Wang, F. Jiao, C. Shi, M. Pei, L. Wang and Z. Gong
pp 1047-1058