From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 35, number 7 (July), 2020 (published online: July 8, 2020)



Mechanisms of neuroinflammation and inflammatory mediators involved in brain injury following subarachnoid hemorrhage
T. Okada and H. Suzuki

pp 623-636


Chaperone-mediated autophagy in cancer: Advances from bench to bedside
T. Hou, Y. Fan, W. Dan, B. Liu, Z. Wang, J. Zeng and L. Li
pp 637-644


CSN6: a promising target for cancer prevention and therapy
J. Hou and H. Cui
pp 645-652



Reduced histologic neo in-stent restenosis after use of a paclitaxel-coated cutting balloon in porcine coronary arteries
D. Traxler, R. Hemetsberger, A. Spannbauer, K. Zlabinger, A. Gugerell, D. Lukovic, L. Mandic, N. Pavo, J. Winkler and M. Gyöngyösi
pp 653-663


Chronic atrophic gastritis aggravate chronic periodontitis with Helicobacter pylori infection and CD4+Th cytokines infiltration
W. Luo, Y. Li, Z. Luo and B. Xu
pp 665-672


Moderate-to-strong expression of FGFR3 and TP53 alterations in a subpopulation of choroid plexus tumors
K.J. Granberg, A. Raita, B. Lehtinen, A.M. Tiihonen, J. Kesseli, M. Annala, A. Rodriguez-Martinez, K. Nordfors, W. Zhang, T. Visakorpi, M. Nykter and H. Haapasalo
pp 673-680


Downregulation of nuclear ING3 expression and translocalization to cytoplasm promotes tumorigenesis and progression in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC)
X. Li, Q. Zhang, M. Zhang, Y. Luo and Y. Fu
pp 681-690


Therapeutic effects of an azaphenothiazine derivative in mouse experimental colitis
J. Artym, M. Kocięba, E. Zaczyńska, M. Zimecki, W. Kałas, L. Strządała, A. Pawlak, M. Jeleń, B. Morak-Młodawska, K. Pluta, K. Kaleta-Kuratewicz, J.P. Madej, P. Kuropka and J. Kuryszko
pp 691-699


Effects of estrogen on STIM1/Orai1 in the sublingual gland of ovariectomized rats
Y. Bai, B. Li, S. Wang, H. Jiang, J. Li, W. Wang, K. Wang, L. Qin and J. Jia
pp 701-707


Effect of short-term betamethasone administration on the regeneration process of tissue-engineered bone
T. Chihara, Y. Zhang, X. Li, A. Shinohara and H. Kagami
pp 709-719


Overexpression of YES1 is associated with favorable prognosis and increased platinum-sensitivity in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer
Y. Zhou, P. Chen, Q. Huang, T. Wan, Y. Jiang, S. Jiang, S. Yan and M. Zheng
pp 721-728


Hepatocellular carcinoma in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) - pathological evidence for a predominance of steatohepatitic inflammatory non-proliferative subtype
P.B. de Campos, C.P. Oliveira, J.T. Stefano, S.N. Martins-Filho, A.L. Chagas, P. Herman, L.C. D'Albuquerque, M.R. Alvares-da-Silva, A. Longatto-Filho, F.J. Carrilho and V.A.F. Alves
pp 729-740


Next generation sequencing identifies novel potential actionable mutations for grade I meningioma treatment
F. Pepe, P. Pisapia, M.L. Del Basso de Caro, F. Conticelli, U. Malapelle, G. Troncone and J.C. Martinez
pp 741-749


Therapeutic effects of platelet derived growth factor overexpressed-mesenchymal stromal cells and sheets in canine skin wound healing model
N. Kim, K.U. Choi, E. Lee, S. Lee, J. Oh, W.k. Kim, S.-H. Woo, D.-Y. Kim, W.-H. Kim and O.-k. Kweon
pp 751-767