From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 35, number 4 (April), 2020 (published online: February 27, 2020)



The regulatory role of HIF-1 in tubular epithelial cells in response to kidney injury
Y. Qiu, X. Huang and W. He

pp 321-330


Use of nanoparticles in skeletal tissue regeneration and engineering
M. Filippi, G. Born, D. Felder-Flesch and A. Scherberich
pp 331-350



Elevated expression of G protein-coupled receptor 30 (GPR30) is associated with poor prognosis in patients with uterine cervical adenocarcinoma
Y. Ino, T. Akimoto, A. Takasawa, K. Takasawa, T. Aoyama, A. Ueda, M. Ota, K. Magara, Y. Tagami, M. Murata, T. Hasegawa, T. Saito, N. Sawada and M. Osanai
pp 351-359


Clinical significance of SPRY4-IT1 in efficacy and survival prediction in breast cancer patients undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy
A. Zheng, L. Zhang, X. Song and F. Jin
pp 361-370


Innervation and nerve-immune cell contacts in mouse Peyer's patches
H.A.M. Al-Shalan, D. Hu, P.K. Nicholls, W.K. Greene and B. Ma
pp 371-383


Oral sarcomatoid squamous cell carcinoma: a retrospective study based on 14 cases
J. Liu, M. Xiao and Y. Wang
pp 385-394


Gap junctions and expression of Cx36 Cx43 and Cx45 in the posterodorsal medial amygdala of adult rats
M. Zancan, T. Malysz, D.J. Moura, A.M. Morás, L. Steffens and A.A. Rasia-Filho
pp 395-403


p66Shc regulates podocyte autophagy in high glucose environment through the Notch-PTEN-PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway
D. Zheng, M. Tao, X. Liang, Y. Li, J. Jin and Q. He
pp 405-415


Alendronate effect in esophagus, stomach and liver: An animal based pathological study
T. Papamitsou, S. Sotiriou, A. Papakoulas, A. Toskas, D. Kamperis, S. Karachrysafi, E.M. Dietrich, S. Lialiaris and A. Sioga
pp 417-422