From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 35, number 1 (January), 2020 (published online: December 5, 2019)



Advances in understanding mechanisms of long-term sperm storage-the soft-shelled turtle model
H. Chen, T. Liu, W.V. Holt, P. Yang, L. Zhang, L. Zhang, X. Han, X. Bian and Q. Chen

pp 1-23


Heat shock proteins in cancer stem cell maintenance: a potential therapeutic target?
G. Lettini, S. Lepore, F. Crispo, L. Sisinni, F. Esposito and M. Landriscina
pp 25-37



Microvascular pathology in Friedreich cardiomyopathy
A.H. Koeppen, J. Qian, A.M. Travis, A.B. Sossei, P.J. Feustel and J.E. Mazurkiewicz
pp 39-46


Morphological changes during the formation of amoebic liver abscess in vagotomized hamsters
E. Sánchez-Alemán, L.M. Lili-Carrillo, M.H. Muñoz-Ortega, M.C. Martínez-Saldaña and J. Ventura-Juárez
pp 47-56


Optimization of RNA extraction from laser captured microdissected glomeruli from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded mouse kidney samples for Nanostring analysis
A. Hay, J.M. Lapointe, A. Lewis, C. Moreno Quinn and E. Miranda
pp 57-68


Age- and sex-associated changes in prosaposin and its receptors in the lacrimal glands of rats
F. Islam, M.S.I. Khan, H. Nabeka, T. Shimokawa, K. Yamamiya and S. Matsuda
pp 69-81


The evaluation of the distribution of CD133, CXCR1 and the tumor associated macrophages in different molecular subtypes of breast cancer
C. Ilgın, E. Çomut, Ç. Sarıgül, S. Korkmaz, E. Vardar and S.F. Müftüoğlu
pp 83-96


Hypertension accelerates age-related intrarenal small artery (IRSA) remodelling and stiffness in rats with possible involvement of AGEs and RAGE
Y. Bai, X. Shi, Y. Ke, X. Lin and H. Hong
pp 97-109


Bone biology in postnatal Wistar rats following hypoxia-reoxygenation
R. Hameister, C.H. Lohmann, S.T. Dheen, G. Singh and C. Kaur
pp 111-124