From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 34, number 9 (September), 2019 (published online: July 26, 2019)



Therapeutic effects of herbal compounds in cerebral ischemia with special reference to suppression of microglia activation implicated in neurodegeneration
W.-J. Jia, Y. Yuan and C.-Y. Wu

pp 965-983


Pancreatic islet (of Langerhans) revisited
C.A. Mandarim-de-Lacerda
pp 985-993


Comparison of functional glycans between cancer stem cells and normal stem cells
N. Sasaki, Y. Itakura, F. Gomi, K. Hirano, M. Toyoda and T. Ishiwata

pp 995-1007



Upregulation of glucose and amino acid transporters in micropapillary carcinoma
K. Nosaka, K. Makishima, T. Sakabe, Y. Yurugi, M. Wakahara, Y. Kubouchi, Y. Horie and Y. Umekita
pp 1009-1014


Implications on pathogenesis and risk of oral lichen planus neoplastic transformation: an ex-vivo retrospective immunohistochemical study
D.F. Squarzanti, T. Cena, R. Sorrentino, M. Migliario, A. Chiocchetti, L. Rimondini, B. Azzimonti and G. Valente
pp 1015-1024


Transcription regulators are transiently expressed during the prostate gland adaptation to the hypoandrogenic environment
U. Nishan, R. Rosa-Ribeiro, C.L. Cesar and H.F. Carvalho
pp 1025-1036


Effects of a probiotic on the morphology and mucin composition of pig intestine
S. Desantis, M. Mastrodonato, G. Accogli, G. Rossi and A.M. Crovace
pp 1037-1050


Role of heparan sulfate 6-0 endosulfatases in intervertebral disc homeostasis
S. Otsuki, O. Alvarez-Garcia, M.K. Lotz and M. Neo
pp 1051-1060


Atelo-collagen type I bovine bone substitute and membrane in guided bone regeneration: a series of clinical cases and histopathological assessments
O. Lucaciu, D. Apostu, A. Mester, R.S. Campian, D. Gheban and R.J. Miron
pp 1061-1071


Adult-onset Alexander disease with a heterozygous D128N GFAP mutation: a pathological study
J.J. Cabrera-Galván, M.S. Martínez-Martin, D. Déniz-García, E. Araujo-Ruano and M.M. Travieso-Aja
pp 1073-1088


Comparison of protocols for removal of melanin from genomic DNA to optimize PCR amplification of DNA purified from highly pigmented lesions
A.L.S.A. Vicente, R.A. Bianchini, A.C. Laus, G. Macedo, R.M. Reis and V.L. Vazquez
pp 1089-1096