From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 34, number 3 (March), 2019 (published online: January 28, 2019)



Beyond p16 immunostaining: an overview of biomarkers in anal squamous intraepithelial lesions
A. Albuquerque, E. Rios and R. Medeiros

pp 201-212


Roles of microRNAs during glioma tumorigenesis and progression
S. Wang, Y. Yin and S. Liu
pp 213-222


Anti-apoptotic effects and mechanisms of salvianolic acid A on cardiomyocytes in ischemia-reperfusion injury
W. Qian, Z. Wang, T. Xu and D. Li

pp 223-231



Overexpression of lncRNA LINC01793 acts as a potential predictor for progression and poor prognosis of gastric cancer
S. Huang and L. Chen
pp 233-239


Comparison of histological characteristics and expression of CD3 and CD79a among the hemal nodes, lymph nodes and spleens of yaks (Bos grunniens)
Y. Huang, Y. Cui, S. Yu, J. He, Y. He, Q. Zhang, P. Liu, Y. Pu, J. Sun and X. Kang
pp 241-256


Double immunofluorescence labeling for CD31 and CD105 as a marker for polyether polyurethane-induced angiogenesis in mice
C.C. Figueiredo, N.B. Pereira, L.X. Pereira, L.A.M. Oliveira, P.P. Campos, S.P. Andrade and L. Moro
pp 257-264


MMP-1/TIMP-1 expressions in rectal submucosa of females with obstructed defecation syndrome associated with internal rectal prolapse
L.-L. Cao, J. Yu, Z.-L. Yang, X. Qiao, H. Ye, C.-L. Xi, Q.-C. Zhou, C.-C. Hu, C.-J. Zhao and Z.-L. Gong
pp 265-274


Multichromatic TTF staining characterizes cartilage matrix in osteoarthritis and bone development
Y. Feng, Z. Cai, W.k. Cheung, K. Yang, L. Xu, W.W. Lu, H. Yang and K.-Y. Chiu
pp 275-286


The effect of chronic stress and obesity on sperm quality and testis histology in male rats; a morphometric and immunohistochemical study
T. Demirci and E. Sahin
pp 287-302