From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 33, number 5 (May), 2018 (published online: February 28, 2018)



Quantitative phase microscopy for evaluation of intestinal inflammation and wound healing utilizing label-free biophysical markers
D. Bettenworth, A. Bokemeyer, C. Poremba, N.S. Ding, S. Ketelhut, P. Lenz and B. Kemper

pp 417-432


Regulation and function of sphingosine kinase 2 in diseases
D.-D. Song, J.-H. Zhou and R. Sheng
pp 433-445


MiRNAs participate in the diagnosis, pathogenesis and therapy of Parkinson's disease
X. Lu, Z. Cui, S. Liu and F. Yin

pp 447-453



Ex vivo 3D human corneal stroma model for Schnyder corneal dystrophy - role of autophagy in its pathogenesis and resolution
D.J. Szabó, R. Nagymihály, Z. Veréb, N. Josifovska, A. Noer, P. Liskova, A. Facskó, M.C. Moe and G. Petrovski
pp 455-462


Histopathological, immunohistochemical, and stereological analysis of the effect of Ginkgo biloba (Egb761) on the hippocampus of rats exposed to long-term cellphone radiation
F. Gevrek
pp 463-473


Automatic detection of DNA double strand breaks after irradiation using an γH2AX assay
T. Hohmann, J. Kessler, U. Grabiec, M. Bache, D. Vordermark and F. Dehghani
pp 475-485


1p36 deletion results in a decrease in glycosaminoglycans which is associated with aggressiveness in neuroblastic tumors
I. Tadeo, E. Gamero-Sandemetrio, A.P. Berbegall, S. Navarro, A. Cańete and R. Noguera
pp 487-495


Expression of liver X receptors in normal and refractory carcinoma tissues of the human lung and pancreas
K. Kashiwagi, M. Yanagida, D. Matsui, M. Tanaka, K. Sugimoto, H. Chen, N. Ichikawa-Tomikawa, S. Marubashi, H. Suzuki and H. Chiba
pp 497-505


Ischemic stroke activates the VE-cadherin promoter and increases VE-cadherin expression in adult mice
A. Nakano-Doi, R. Sakuma, T. Matsuyama and T. Nakagomi
pp 507-521