From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 33, number 1 (January), 2018 (published online: October 20, 2017)



The role of endothelial lipase in lipid metabolism, inflammation and cancer
J.E. Yu, S.-Y. Han, B. Wolfson and Q. Zhou

pp 1-10


Review of recent molecular landscape knowledge of gastric cancer
D. Shimizu, M. Kanda and Y. Kodera
pp 11-26


Recent advances in hypertrophic scar
J. Zhang, Y. Li, X. Bai, Y. Li, J. Shi and D. Hu

pp 27-39



Effects of frutalin on early follicle morphology, ultrastructure and gene expression in cultured goat ovarian cortical tissue
M.A.A. Soares, J.J.N. Costa, G.L. Vasconcelos, R.P. Ribeiro, J.C. Souza, A.L.C. Silva, R. Van den Hurk and J.R.V. Silva
pp 41-53


Are synchronous and metachronous bilateral breast cancers different? An immunohistochemical analysis focused on cell cycle regulation
E. Senkus, J. Szade, B. Pieczyńska, M. Kunc, A. Pliszka and J. Jassem
pp 55-64


Duodenal mucosa FOXP3 expression in different etiologies of lymphocytic duodenosis
L. Vaquero, L. Rodríguez-Martín, M. Hernando, M. Jiménez, L. Monteserín, B. Alvarez-Cuenllas, J.M. Ruiz de Morales, S. Calleja and S. Vivas
pp 65-71


Cisplatin induced apoptosis of ovarian cancer A2780s cells by activation of ERK/p53/PUMA signals
H. Song, M. Wei, W. Liu, S. Shen, J. Li and L. Wang
pp 73-79


Mitotic index matter: how to improve the assessment of mitosis in order to better classify G2 breast cancer and luminal A category
R. del Sordo, G. Bellezza, I. Ferri, A. Pireddu, R. Colella and A. Sidoni
pp 81-88


Zoledronate promotes bone formation by blocking osteocyte-osteoblast communication during bone defect healing
P. Cui, H. Liu, J. Sun, N. Amizuka, Q. Sun and M. Li
pp 89-99


Morphological alterations in the hippocampus of the Ts65Dn mouse model for Down syndrome correlate with structural plasticity markers
O. Villarroya, R. Ballestín, R. López-Hidalgo, M. Mulet, J.M. Blasco-Ibáñez, C. Crespo, J. Nacher, J. Gilabert-Juan and E. Varea
pp 101-115