From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 32, number 9 (September), 2017 (published online: June 1, 2017)



Myoepithelial tumor of soft tissue and bone: A current perspective
A. Verma and B. Rekhi
pp 861-877


The circumventricular organs
C. Kaur and E.-A. Ling
pp 879-892


Relevance of in vitro 3-D skin models in dissecting cytokine contribution to psoriasis pathogenesis
A. Chiricozzi, M. Romanelli, S. Panduri, E. Donetti and F. Prignano
pp 893-898



Targeting miR-155 suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis of HL-60 cells by targeting Slug/PUMA signal
H. Liang, Z. Dong, J.-F. Liu, W. Chuang, L.-Z. Gao and Y.-G. Ren
pp 899-907


Novel biomarkers in primary breast core biopsies to predict poor response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy and appearance of metastases
A. Novell, S. Morales, J. Valls, M.J. Panadés, A. Salud, E. Iglesias, F. Vilardell, X. Matias-Guiu and A. Llombart-Cussac
pp 909-915


Vascular mimicry in glioblastoma following anti-angiogenic and anti-20-HETE therapies
K. Angara, M.H. Rashid, A. Shankar, R. Ara, A. Iskander, T.F. Borin, M. Jain, B.R. Achyut and A.S. Arbab
pp 917-928


Development of biological tools to assess the role of TMPRSS4 and identification of novel tumor types with high expression of this prometastatic protein
M. Villalba, L. Lopez, M. Redrado, T. Ruiz, A.L. de Aberasturi, N. de la Roja, D. Garcia, F. Exposito, C. de Andrea, E. Alvarez-Fernandez, L. Montuenga, P. Rueda, M.J. Rodriguez and A. Calvo
pp 929-940


Micro-RNA signature of lymphovascular space involvement in type 1 endometrial cancer
G. Canlorbe, M. Castela, S. Bendifallah, Z. Wang, M. Lefevre, N. Chabbert-Buffet, S. Aractingi, E. Daraï, C. Méhats and M. Ballester
pp 941-950


Chitooligosaccharide promotes immune organ development in broiler chickens and reduces serum lipid levels
L. Shenghe, J. Erhui, Q. Enmei, W. Guozhong and L. Kui
pp 951-961


Ethanol enhances thymocyte apoptosis and autophagy in macrophages of rat thymi
T. Betsuyaku, N. Eid, Y. Ito, Y. Tanaka, Y. Otsuki and Y. Kondo
pp 963-975