From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 32, number 10 (October), 2017 (Published online: July 3, 2017)



Microenvironmental factors that regulate mesenchymal stem cells: lessons learned from the study of heterotopic ossification
C. Kan, L. Chen, Y. Hu, H. Lu, Y. Li, J.A. Kessler and L. Kan
pp 977-985


Role of skeletal muscle in ear development
I. Rot, M. Baguma-Nibasheka, W.J. Costain, P. Hong, R. Tafra, S. Mardesic-Brakus, N. Mrduljas-Djujic, M. Saraga-Babic and B. Kablar
pp 987-1000


Intraductal neoplasms of the bile duct. A new challenge to biliary tract tumor pathology
Y. Nakanuma, K. Uesaka, S. Miyayama, H. Yamaguchi and M. Ohtsuka
pp 1001-1015



Targeting exogenous β-Defensin to the endolysosomal compartment via a vehicle guided system
L. Carvelli, Y. Libin, S. Esfandnia, Y. Zhang, J.F. Presley and C.R. Morales
pp 1017-1027


GLUT1, MCT1/4 and CD147 overexpression supports the metabolic reprogramming in papillary renal cell carcinoma
L.M.C.A. Almeida, R. Silva, B. Cavadas, J. Lima, L. Pereira, P. Soares, M. Sobrinho-Simões, J.M. Lopes and V. Máximo
pp 1029-1040


Seven days post-injury fate and effects of genetically labelled adipose-derived mesenchymal cells on a rat traumatic brain injury experimental model
I. Dori, S. Petrakis, A. Giannakopoulou, C. Bekiari, I. Grivas, E.K. Siska, G. Koliakos and G.C. Papadopoulos
pp 1041-1055


Pathogenicity assessment of wild-type and mouse-adapted influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 viruses in comparison with highly pathogenic influenza A(H5N1) virus
E.A. Prokopyeva, A.A. Romanovskaya, K.A. Sharshov, A.V. Zaykovskaya, A.Yu. Alekseev and A.M. Shestopalov
pp 1057-1063


ERK1/2, JNK and STAT3 activation and correlation with tumor differentiation in oral SCC
I. Gkouveris, N. Nikitakis, D. Avgoustidis, M. Karanikou, G. Rassidakis and A. Sklavounou
pp 1065-1076


Detection of PR-39, a porcine host defence peptide, in different cell sub-linages in pigs infected with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae
S. Gabner, M. Egerbacher, H. Gasse, M. Hewicker-Trautwein, D. Höltig, K.-H. Waldmann, F. Blecha, A. Saalmüller and I. Hennig-Pauka
pp 1077-1088


Ovarian Leydig cells (OLC): A histomorphological and immunohistochemical study
J.L. Carrasco-Juan, H. Álvarez-Argüelles Cabrera, M.C. Martín Corriente, M. González-Gómez, F. Valladares Parrilla, R. Gutiérrez García and L. Díaz-Flores
pp 1089-1097