From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 31, number 9 (September), 2016 (published online: June 28, 2016)



TWEAK/Fn14 signaling: a promising target in intervertebral disc degeneration
Y.-P. Liu, C.-M. Yuan, S.-G. Zhang, Q.-H. Hao, M.-M. Wang, Z. Zhang, Q. Meng, M. Li and Y.-D. Hao

pp 943-948


Immunomodulatory functions of mesenchymal stem cells and possible mechanisms
Q. Wang, G. Ding and X. Xu
pp 949-959


Mammalian target of rapamycin complex (mTOR) pathway modulates blood-testis barrier (BTB) function through F-actin organization and gap junction
N. Li and C.Y. Cheng

pp 961-968



Transfer of mesenchymal stem cells and cyclosporine A on alkali-injured rabbit cornea using nanofiber scaffolds strongly reduces corneal neovascularization and scar formation
C. Cejka, J. Cejkova, P. Trosan, A. Zajicova, E. Sykova and V. Holan
pp 969-980


Blind aspiration biopsy versus a guided hysteroscopic technique for investigation of the endometrium in infertile women
D. Ejzenberg, M.d.J. Simőes, W. Pinheiro, J.M. Soares Júnior, P.C. Serafini and E.C. Baracat
pp 981-986


The regulation mechanism of apoptosis by visfatin in the mesenteric lymph nodes of LPS-treated rats
K. Xiao, Y. Zhou, H.-R. Yuan, L. Cui, Z.u. Rehman, A.R. Ansari, Z. Yang, K.-M. Peng and H. Song
pp 987-1000


Damage to pancreatic acinar cells and preservation of islets of Langerhans in a rat model of acute pancreatitis induced by Karwinskia humboldtiana (buckthorn)
K. Carcano-Diaz, A. Garcia-Garcia, J.C. Segoviano-Ramirez, H. Rodriguez-Rocha, M.J. Loera-Arias and J. Garcia-Juarez
pp 1001-1010


Tolerogenic responses of CD206+, CD83+, FOXP3+, and CTLA-4 to sericin/polyvinyl alcohol/glycerin scaffolds relevant to IL-33 and HSP60 activity
S. Ampawong and P. Aramwit
pp 1011-1027


Expression of peroxisome proliferator activation receptors (PPARs) and TNFα in placenta tissues in unexplained recurrent pregnancy loss: An immunohistochemical study
T. Papamitsou, A. Toskas, K. Papadopoulou, Z. Economou and A. Sioga
pp 1029-1036


Altered expression of human endogenous retroviruses syncytin-1, syncytin-2 and their receptors in human normal and gestational diabetic placenta
B. Soygur, L. Sati and R. Demir
pp 1037-1047