From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 31, number 7 (July), 2016 (published online: May 12, 2016)



Role of skeletal muscle in motor neuron development
M. Baguma-Nibasheka, A. Fracassi, W.J. Costain, S. Moreno and B. Kablar

pp 699-719


The history and histology of bone morphogenetic protein
S.S. Murray, E.J. Brochmann Murray, J.C. Wang and M.E.L. Duarte
pp 721-732


The low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP) 1 and its function in lung diseases
L. Wujak, P. Markart and M. Wygrecka

pp 733-745



Benign mesothelial cells in lymph nodes and lymphatic spaces associated with ascites
M. Pizzi, E. Valentini, A. Galligioni, S. Cesaro, P. Pontisso, G. Da Dalt and M. Rugge
pp 747-750


Expression of p53 in endometrial polyps with special reference to the p53 signature
T. Sho, T. Hachisuga, T. Kawagoe, R. Urabe, T. Kurita, S. Kagami, S. Shimajiri and Y. Fujino
pp 751-758


Analysis of cell-cell junctions in human amnion and chorionic plate affected by chorioamnionitis
C. Licini, G. Tossetta, C. Avellini, P. Ciarmela, T. Lorenzi, P. Toti, R. Gesuita, C. Voltolini, F. Petraglia, M. Castellucci and D. Marzioni
pp 759-767


Resveratrol can prevent CCl4-induced liver injury by inhibiting Notch signaling pathway
G. Tanriverdi, F. Kaya-Dagistanli, S. Ayla, S. Demirci, M. Eser, Z.S. Unal, M. Cengiz and H. Oktar
pp 769-784


A clinicopathologic study of paragangliomas of the urinary bladder: can the clinical behavior of the tumor be predicted?
S. Guo, C. Fan, J. Rohr, L. Fan, Y. Wang, M. Li, X. Li, Y. Guo, Q. Yan, L. Wang and Z. Wang
pp 785-791


Protective function of pirfenidone and everolimus on the development of chronic allograft rejection after experimental lung transplantation
M. von Suesskind-Schwendi, E. Heigel, S. Pfaehler, A. Haneya, C. Schmid, S.W. Hirt and K. Lehle
pp 793-805


Pore alterations of the endothelial lining of rat fenestrated intestinal capillaries exposed to acute stress
T. Aosa, S. Chiba, H. Kitamura, K. Ina, S. Tatsukawa, C. Moriwaki, H. Wei, K. Gotoh, T. Masaki, T. Kakuma, H. Shibata and Y. Fujikura
pp 807-817