From Cell Biology to Tissue Engineering

Volume 31, number 1 (January), 2016 (published online: November 25, 2015)



Mammary myofibroblastoma: an update with emphasis on the most diagnostically challenging variants
G. Magro

pp 1-23


From Barrett metaplasia to esophageal adenocarcinoma: the molecular background
D. Saraggi, M. Fassan, J. Bornschein, F. Farinati, S. Realdon, N. Valeri and M. Rugge
pp 25-32


Involvement of lncRNA dysregulation in gastric cancer
M. Sun, F.-q. Nie, Z.-x. Wang and W. De

pp 33-39


The impact of mechanical stress on stem cell properties: The link between cell shape and pluripotency
J.C. Ho, J. Ueda and T. Shimizu
pp 41-50



Dimensions of compartments and membrane surfaces in the intact rabbit heart of importance in studies on intramyocardial transfer of blood-borne substances
G.J. van der Vusse, F. Verheyen, R.S. Reneman and T. Arts
pp 51-62


The presence of lysyl oxidase-like enzymes in human control and keratoconic corneas
L. Dudakova, T. Sasaki, P. Liskova, M. Palos and K. Jirsova
pp 63-71


Heparanase and heparanase 2 display differently deregulation in neuroendocrine tumors, depending on their differentiation grade
B. García, O. García-Suárez, I. Fernández-Vega, A. Vallina, A. Astudillo and L.M. Quirós
pp 73-81


Estrogen-deficient osteoporosis enhances the recruitment and activity of osteoclasts by breast cancer cells
F. Salamanna, S. Pagani, M. Maglio, V. Borsari, G. Giavaresi, A.M. Martelli, F. Buontempo and M. Fini
pp 83-93


SOX10 and Olig2 as negative markers for the diagnosis of ependymomas: An immunohistochemical study of 98 glial tumors
M. Švajdler, B. Rychlý, R. Mezencev, L. Fröhlichová, A. Bednárová, F. Pataky and O. Daum
pp 95-102


ATRX loss in adult supratentorial diffuse astrocytomas correlates with p53 over expression and IDH1 mutation and predicts better outcome in p53 accumulated patients
L.-W. Shao, Y. Pan, X.-L. Qi, Y.-X. Li, X.-L. Ma, W.-N. Yi, J. Zhang, Y.-F. Zhong and Q. Chang
pp 103-114


Immunohistochemical and radiological characterization of wound healing in porcine liver after radiofrequency ablation
V. Stadlbauer, I. Lang-Olip, B. Leber, U. Mayrhauser, S. Koestenbauer, M. Tawdrous, M. Moche, M. Sereinigg, D. Seider, F. Iberer, I. Wiederstein-Grasser, R.H. Portugaller and P. Stiegler
pp 115-129