Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 30, number 8 (August), 2015 (published online: June 23, 2015)



Skin innervation: important roles during normal and pathological cutaneous repair
B. Laverdet, A. Danigo, D. Girard, L. Magy, C. Demiot and A. Desmouličre

pp 875-892


The role of oxidative stress in corneal diseases and injuries
J. Čejková and Č. Čejka
pp 893-900


What understanding tendon cell differentiation can teach us about pathological tendon ossification
D. Magne and C. Bougault

pp 901-910


Complex and elementary histological scoring systems for articular cartilage repair
P. Orth and H. Madry

pp 911-919



A novel proteotoxic stress associated mechanism for macular corneal dystrophy
K. Kaarniranta, E. Szalai, A. Smedowski, Z. Hegyi, N. Kivinen, J. Viiri, B. Wowra, D. Dobrowolski, L. Módis Jr, A. Berta, E. Wylegala and S. Felszeghy
pp 921-930


Thymic alterations induced by partial hepatectomy: upregulation of glycoprotein 96, CD91 and TLR2 and generation of regulatory T cells
H. Jakovac, M. Ćuk, Z. Trobonjača, I. Mrakovčić-Šutić and B. Radošević-Stašić
pp 931-943


Expression of desmosomal proteins in acantholytic squamous cell carcinoma of the skin
V. Jurčić, J. Kukovič and N. Zidar
pp 945-953


Differential microscopic finding and glucose transporter 3 expression in terminal chorionic villi among birth weight-discordant twin placentas
M. Lee, S.-Y. Choi, B.-H. Kang, H.-J. Yoo, S.-Y. Song, I.-O. Seong, K.-S. Suh and K.-H. Kim
pp 955-962


Might the Masson trichrome stain be considered a useful method for categorizing experimental tendon lesions?
T. Martinello, F. Pascoli, G. Caporale, A. Perazzi, I. Iacopetti and M. Patruno
pp 963-969


Novel features of neurodegeneration in the inner retina of early diabetic rats
A. Énzsöly, A. Szabó, K. Szabó, Á. Szél, J. Németh and Á. Lukáts
pp 971-985


N-Cadherin, ADAM-10 and Aquaporin 1 expression in lung tissue exposed to fluoro- edenite fibers: an immunohistochemical study
G. Musumeci, C. Loreto, M.A. Szychlinska, R. Imbesi, V. Rapisarda, F.C. Aiello, S. Castorina and P. Castrogiovanni
pp 987-999