Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 30, number 2 (February), 2015 (published online: January 12, 2015)



Inflammatory risk factors and pathologies promoting Alzheimer’s disease progression: is RAGE the key?
C. Matrone, M. Djelloul, G. Taglialatela and L. Perrone

pp 125-139


Spatio-temporal expression patterns of microRNAs in remodelling and repair of the infarcted heart
H.H. Chiarella-Redfern, K.J. Rayner and E.J. Suuronen
pp 141-149


BCR-ABL negative myeloproliferative neoplasia: a review of involved molecular mechanisms
S.M. Koopmans, H.C. Schouten and A.M.W. van Marion
pp 151-161


Wnt signaling in kidney tubulointerstitium during disease
O.H. Maarouf, Y. Ikeda and B.D. Humphreys
pp 163-171

5 Tumor heterogeneity has important consequences for personalized medicine in ovarian cancer
T. Gui, D. Cao, J. Yang and K. Shen
pp 173-181



In vivo confocal microscopy assessment of the corneoscleral limbal stem cell niche before and after biopsy for cultivated limbal epithelial transplantation to restore corneal epithelium
B.E. Ramírez, D.A. Victoria, G.M. Murillo, J.M. Herreras and M. Calonge
pp 183-192


The combination of strong immunohistochemical mtTFA expression and a high survivin index predicts a shorter disease-specific survival in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
T. Kimura, S. Kitada, H. Uramoto, L. Zhi, Y. Kawatsu, T. Takeda, S. Horie, A. Nabeshima, H. Noguchi, Y. Sasaguri, H. Izumi, K. Kohno and S. Yamada
pp 193-204


Angiogenesis: a new surrogate histopathological marker is capable of differentiating between mild and significant portal hypertension
D.-d. Hu, S. Habib, X.-m. Li, T.-l. Wang, B.-e. Wang and X.-y. Zhao
pp 205-212


FOXO1 expression in villous trophoblast of preeclampsia and fetal growth restriction placentas
R. Sheridan, C. Belludi, J. Khoury, J. Stanek and S. Handwerger
pp 213-222


Utility of immunohistochemical investigation of SDHB and molecular genetic analysis of SDH genes in the differential diagnosis of mesenchymal tumors of GIT
M. Dubova, M. Sedivcova, M. Michal, B. Kokoskova, A. Ryska, D. Smid and O. Daum
pp 223-232


Endoglin is not expressed with cell adhesion molecules in aorta during atherogenesis in apoE-deficient mice
J. Rathouska, K. Jezkova, I. Nemeckova, L. Zemankova, M. Varejckova and P. Nachtigal
pp 233-244


Ependymal damage in a Plasmodium yoelii yoelii lethal murine malaria model
N. Rivera Fernández, L. Colín Barenque, S.E. Romero Silva, G. Salas Garrido, S.G. Jiménez Rosey, A. Zepeda Rodríguez, L.P. Romero Romero, Á. Menchaca Gómez and F. Malagón Gutiérrez
pp 245-253