Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 30, number 12 (December), 2015 (published online: October 29, 2015)



MicroRNA in prostate cancer: Practical aspects
P.A. Patil and C. Magi-Galluzzi

pp 1379-1396


Transposon-based reprogramming to induced pluripotency
D. Kumar, T.R. Talluri, T. Anand and W.A. Kues
pp 1397-1409


The regulation of stem cell aging by Wnt signaling
S. Fujimaki, T. Wakabayashi, T. Takemasa, M. Asashima and T. Kuwabara

pp 1411-1430


Liver gender dimorphism - insights from quantitative morphology
R. Marcos, C. Correia-Gomes, H. Miranda and F. Carneiro
pp 1431-1437



Effect of diet/atorvastatin on atherosclerotic lesions associated to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in chickens
M.T. Sánchez-Polo, M.T. Castells, B. García-Pérez, A. Martín, G. Adánez and I. Ayala
pp 1439-1446


Histopathological classification of refractory chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polips
G. Mortuaire, X. Leroy, I. Gengler, D. Chevalier, L. Prin and A. Picry
pp 1447-1454


Oligodendroglial markers in the cuprizone model of CNS de- and remyelination
L. Salinas Tejedor, V. Gudi, V. Kucman, R. Pul, S. Gingele, K.-W. Sühs, M. Stangel and T. Skripuletz
pp 1455-1464


Chrysin attenuates cardiomyocyte apoptosis and loss of intermediate filaments in a mouse model of mitoxantrone cardiotoxicity
N. Anghel, C. Cotoraci, A. Ivan, M. Suciu, H. Herman, C. Balta, L. Nicolescu, T. Olariu, Z. Galajda, A. Ardelean and A. Hermenean
pp 1465-1475


Chondrocyte differentiation for auricular cartilage reconstruction using a chitosan based hydrogel
J. García-López, D. Garciadiego-Cázares, Y. Melgarejo-Ramírez, R. Sánchez-Sánchez, L. Solís-Arrieta, Z. García-Carvajal, J.I. Sánchez-Betancourt, C. Ibarra, G. Luna-Bárcena and C. Velasquillo
pp 1477-1485


Transcription factors GATA4 and TBX5 promote cardiomyogenic differentiation of rat bone marrow mesenchymal stromal cells
W. Chen, L. Zhang, S.-X. Shao, H.-P. Wang, S.-J. Cui, Y.-N. Zhang, X.-Z. Kong, Q. Yin and J.-P. Zhang
pp 1487-1498


Development and preclinical evaluation of a new galactomannan-based dressing with antioxidant properties for wound healing
B. Castro, T. Palomares, I. Azcoitia, F. Bastida, M. del Olmo, J.J. Soldevilla and A. Alonso-Varona
pp 1499-1512