Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 30, number 11 (November), 2015 (published online: September 30, 2015)



Laser capture microdissection: Big data from small samples
S. Datta, L. Malhotra, R. Dickerson, S. Chaffee, C.K. Sen and S. Roy

pp 1255-1269


MDM2 beyond cancer: podoptosis, development, inflammation, and tissue regeneration
M. Ebrahim, S.R. Mulay, H.-J. Anders and D. Thomasova
pp 1271-1282


A twist tale of cancer metastasis and tumor angiogenesis
J.-C. Tseng, H.-F. Chen and K.-J. Wu

pp 1283-1294


Ovarian serous carcinogenesis from tubal secretory cells
W. Zhang, L. Wei, L. Li, B. Yang, B. Kong, G. Yao and W. Zheng
pp 1295-1302



Distribution of glutamate receptors in the posterodorsal medial amygdala of adult male rats
F. Dalpian, J. Brusco, M.E. Calcagnotto, J.E. Moreira and A.A. Rasia-Filho
pp 1303-1311


High expression of PKM2 as a poor prognosis indicator is associated with radiation resistance in cervical cancer
Y. Zhao, L. Shen, X. Chen, Y. Qian, Q. Zhou, Y. Wang, K. Li, M. Liu, S. Zhang and X. Huang
pp 1313-1320


Ex vivo and in vivo modulatory effects of umbilical cord Wharton’s jelly stem cells on human oral mucosa stroma substitutes
C.A. Alfonso-Rodríguez, E. González-Andrades, B.D. Jaimes-Parra, R. Fernández-Valadés, A. Campos, M.C. Sánchez-Quevedo, M. Alaminos and I. Garzón
pp 1321-1332


Cell viability evaluation of transdifferentiated endothelial-like cells by quantitative electron-probe X-ray microanalysis for tissue engineering
M. Vico, A. Rodríguez-Morata, I. Garzón, F. Campos, B. Jaimes-Parra, B. Pérez-Köhler, J. Buján, M. Alaminos and M.C. Sánchez-Quevedo
pp 1333-1340


Flutamide alters β-catenin expression and distribution, and its interactions with E-cadherin in the porcine corpus luteum of mid- and late pregnancy
M. Grzesiak, A. Mitan, M.E. Janik, K. Knapczyk-Stwora and M. Slomczynska
pp 1341-1352


Expression of myostatin in early postnatal mouse masseter and rectus femoris muscles
H. Takada, Y. Miwa and I. Sato
pp 1353-1365


Effect of boric acid supplementation of ostrich water on the expression of Foxn1 in thymus
K. Xiao, A.R. Ansari, Z.u. Rehman, H. Khaliq, H. Song, J. Tang, J. Wang, W. Wang, P.-P. Sun, J. Zhong and K.-M. Peng
pp 1367-1378