Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 30, number 10 (October), 2015 (published online: August 21, 2015)



Anticancer properties of carotenoids in prostate cancer. A review
N.C.P. Soares, A.J. Teodoro, P.F. Lotsch, J.M. Granjeiro and R. Borojevic

pp 1143-1154


Role of isocitrate dehydrogenase 1/2 (IDH 1/2) gene mutations in human tumors
X. Liu and Z.-Q. Ling
pp 1155-1160


Molecular mechanisms in dental follicle precursor cells during the osteogenic differentiation
C. Morsczeck

pp 1161-1169


The clinical translational potential of p53-related alterations as cancer biomarkers
M. Xiao, X. Wang and W. Chen

pp 1171-1183



Effects of metabolic syndrome on the ultrastructure of the femoral nerve in aging rats
R. Rodrigues de Souza, E.F. Gama, S.E. Neto and D. Maldonado
pp 1185-1192


Molecular markers predicting lymph node metastasis in early esophageal cancer
P.S. Plum, U. Warnecke-Eberz, O. Dhaouadi, H. Alakus, U. Drebber, R. Metzger, K.L. Prenzel, A.H. Hölscher and E. Bollschweiler
pp 1193-1202


Inter- and intra-tumoral relationships between vasculature characteristics, GLUT1 and budding in colorectal carcinoma
A. Mezheyeuski, A. Nerovnya, T. Bich, G. Tur, A. Ostman and A. Portyanko
pp 1203-1211


E-cadherin, β-catenin, and α2β1 and α3β1 integrin expression in primary oral squamous cell carcinoma and its regional metastasi
M.Q.S. Soares, J.A. Mendonça, M.O. Morais, C.R. Leles, A.C. Batista and E.F. Mendonça
pp 1213-1222


Immunolocalization of thymidylate synthase as a favorable prognostic marker in estrogen receptor-positive breast carcinoma
K. Takagi, Y Miki, Y. Nakamura, H. Hirakawa, Y. Kakugawa, G. Amano, M. Watanabe, T. Ishida, H. Sasano and T. Suzuki
pp 1223-1232


eNOS and iNOS trigger apoptosis in the brains of sheep and goats naturally infected with the border disease virus
G.C. Dincel and O. Kul
pp 1233-1242


The distribution and time-dependent expression of MAGL during skeletal muscle wound healing in rats
S.-K. Jiang, M. Zhang, Z.-L. Tian, L.-L. Wang, R. Zhao, S.-s. Li, M. Liu, M. Wang and D.-W. Guan
pp 1243-1254