Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 29, number 7 (July), 2014 (published online: June 24, 2014)



Platelet rich plasma: a valid augmentation for cartilage scaffolds? a systematic review
F. Perdisa, G. Filardo, B. Di Matteo, M. Marcacci and E. Kon

pp 805-814


A role of junction-mediated interactions in cells of the male reproductive tract: Impact of prenatal, neonatal, and prepubertal exposure to anti-androgens on adult reproduction
A. Hejmej and B. Bilinska

pp 815-830


CD34+ stromal cells/fibroblasts/fibrocytes/telocytes as a tissue reserve and a principal source of mesenchymal cells. Location, morphology, function and role in pathology
L. Díaz-Flores, R. Gutiérrez, M.P. García, F.J. Sáez, L. Díaz-Flores Jr, F. Valladares and J.F. Madrid

pp 831-870


Roles of Rho small GTPases in the tangentially migrating neurons
H. Ito, R. Morishita, H. Tabata and K.-i. Nagata

pp 871-879

Cancer progression and substance P
R. Coveñas and M. Muñoz
pp 881-890



Structural and functional alterations in the atrioventricular node and atrioventricular ring tissue in ischaemia-induced heart failure
J. Yanni, M. Maczewski, U. Mackiewicz, S. Siew, O. Fedorenko, A. Atkinson, M. Price, A. Beresewicz, R.H. Anderson, M.R. Boyett and H. Dobrzynski
pp 891-902


A GFP endometriosis model reveals important morphological characteristics of the angiogenic process that govern benign and malignant diseases
D.E. Machado, A. Palumbo Jr, J.M. Santos, R.M. Mattos, T.A. dos Santos, S.H. Seabra, L.C. Boldrini, J.A. Perini and L.E. Nasciutti
pp 903-912


Detection and characterisation of disseminated tumour cells in bone marrow of breast cancer patients by immunostaining of Her-2 and MUC-1 in combination with Thomsen-Friedenreich (CD176)
U. Andergassen, A.C. Kölbl, M. Zebisch, S. Heublein, S. Hutter, M. Ilmer, C. Schindlbeck, K. Friese and U. Jeschke
pp 913-923


Osteopontin expression and localization of Ca2+ deposits in early stages of osteoarthritis in a rat model
A. Martínez-Calleja, C. Velasquillo, M.A. Vega-López, M.J. Arellano-Jiménez, V.K. Tsutsumi-Fujiyoshi, R. Mondragón-Flores and J.B. Kouri-Flores
pp 925-933


Loss of connexin43 (Cx43) in Sertoli cells leads to spatio-temporal alterations in occludin expression
J. Gerber, K. Weider, N. Hambruch and R. Brehm

pp 935-948


The antiprogestins mifepristone and onapristone reduce cell proliferation in the canine mammary carcinoma cell line CMT-U27
S. Guil-Luna, E. Hellmén, R. Sánchez-Céspedes, Y. Millán and J. Martín de las Mulas
pp 949-955


Histological and immunohistochemical study of an unusual type of gallbladder duplication
V. Carriel, J. Aneiros-Fernández, M. Ruyffelaert, S. Arias-Santiago, V. Riady, F. Izquierdo-Martínez, O. Roda, M. Cornelissen, A. Campos and M. Alaminos
pp 957-964