Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 29, number 10 (October), 2014 (published online: September 30, 2014)



The biological role of Treg cells in ectopic endometrium homeostasis
P. Basta, K. Koper, W. Kazmierczak, M. Wisniewski, A. Makarewicz, M. Dutsch-Wicherek, Z. Kojs, T.J. Popiela, R. Slusarz, M. Dubiel and L. Wicherek

pp 1217-1233


Pilocytic astrocytoma: a review of genetic and molecular factors, diagnostic and prognostic markers
B. Bikowska-Opalach, S. Szlufik, W. Grajkowska and J. Jozwiak

pp 1235-1248


Regeneration of the periodontium for preservation of the damaged tooth
H. Maeda, A. Tomokiyo, N. Wada, K. Koori, G. Kawachi and A. Akamine

pp 1249-1262


Insight into the heterogeneity of prostate cancer through PSA-PSMA prostate clones: mechanisms and consequences
A.B. Jemaa, Y. Bouraoui and R. Oueslat

pp 1263-1280

5 Molecular and cellular mechanisms of heterotopic ossification
D.M. Ramirez, M.R. Ramirez, A.M. Reginato and D. Medici
pp 1281-1285



Nanog expression in heart tissues induced by acute myocardial infarction
H. Luo, Q. Li, J. Pramanik, J. Luo and Z. Guo
pp 1287-1293


Adenocarcinoma of the paraurethral glands: a case report
F. Massari, C. Ciccarese, A. Modena, F. Maines, D. Segala, C. Luchini, L. Marcolini, F. Cavicchioli, S. Cavalleri, E. Bria, M. Brunelli, G. Martignoni, W. Artibani and G. Tortora
pp 1295-1303


The effects of dexpanthenol in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats: Histological, histochemical and immunological evidences
K. Gulle, N.G. Ceri, M. Akpolat, M. Arasli and B. Demirci
pp 1305-1313


Immunolocalization of antimicrobial and cytoskeletal components in the serous glands of human sinonasal mucosa
M. Stoeckelhuber, B. Olzowy, F. Ihler, C. Matthias, E.Q. Scherer, G. Babaryka, D.J. Loeffelbein, N.H. Rohleder, M. Nieberler and M.R. Kesting
pp 1315-1324


Expression of Raf Kinase Inhibitor Protein (RKIP) is a predictor of uveal melanoma metastasis
R. Caltabiano, L. Puzzo, V. Barresi, V. Cardile, C. Loreto, M. Ragusa, A. Russo, M. Reibaldi and A. Longo

pp 1325-1334


The immunologic and antioxidant effects of L-phenylalanine on the uterine implantation of mice embryos during early pregnancy
Y. Dong, Y. Bai, G. Liu, Z. Wang, J. Cao, Y. Chen and H. Yang
pp 1335-1342


The expression of succinate dehydrogenase in breast phyllodes tumor
J. Choi, D.H. Kim, W.H. Jung and J.S. Koo
pp 1343-1354