Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 28, number 8 (August), 2013 (published online: July 3, 2013)



Is tendinitis an inflammatory disease initiated and driven by pro-inflammatory cytokines such as interleukin 1ß?
A. Mobasheri and M. Shakibaei
pp 955-964


Mouse models of human INAD by Pla2g6 deficiency
H. Wada, S. Kojo and K.-i. Seino
pp 965-969


DNA repair systems in rhabdomyosarcoma
P.G. Tsioli, E.S. Patsouris, C. Giaginis and S.E. Theocharis
pp 971-984


Ischemic culture of dental pulp-derived cells is a useful model in which to investigate mechanisms of post-ischemic tissue recovery
H. Agata, Y. Sumita, I. Asahina, A. Tojo and H. Kagami
pp 985-991



Monoclonal antibodies for immunodetection of fibrin deposits on cancer cells
F.W. Schardt, B. Schmausser and E. Bachmann
pp 993-998


Melatonin prevents dopaminergic cell loss induced by lentiviral vectors expressing A30P mutant alpha-synuclein
J.M. Brito-Armas, V. Baekelandt, J.R. Castro-Hernández, T. González-Hernández, M. Rodríguez and R. Castro


Effects of the relationship between 65Zn and blood cells. A dynamic and morphological study
A. Vera-Gil, M.J. Pérez Castejón, J. Whyte, A. Cisneros, P. Recreo, M.A. Gascón, A. Whyte, M. Lahoz and M.C. Pérez Castejón


Vital staining of blood vessels and bile ducts with carboxyfluorescein diacetate succinimidyl ester: a novel tool for isolation of cholangiocytes
G. Pryymachuk, E. Polykandriotis, S. Schievenbusch, A. Arkudas, D. Nierhoff, H.-M. Curth, M. Odenthal, R.E. Horch, W.F. Neiss, T. Goeser, H.-M. Steffen and U. Toex
pp 1013-1020


Fiber type composition of the architecturally distinct regions of human supraspinatus muscle: A cadaveric study
S.Y. Kim, D.D. Lunn, R.J. Dyck, LJ. Kirkpatrick and B.W.C. Rosser
pp 1021-1028


Spatial-temporal protein expression of inhibitor of differentiation-1 (Id1) during fetal embryogenesis and in different mouse and human cancer types
M. Redrado, E. Bodegas, A.C. Villaro, P.A. Nguewa, I. Lopez, I. Gil-Bazo and A. Calvo
pp 1029-1040


Morphological spectrum and clinical features of myopathies with tubular aggregates
F. Funk, C. Ceuterick-de Groote, J.-J. Martin, A. Meinhardt, A.L. Taratuto, J. De Bleecker, R. Van Coster, B. De Paepe, U. Schara, M. Vorgerd, M. Häusler, S. Koppi, M. Maschke, P. De Jonghe, L. Van Maldergem, S. Noel, C.W. Zimmermann, S. Wirth, S. Isenmann, R. Stadler, J.M. Schröder, J.B. Schulz, J. Weis and K.G. Claeys
pp 1041-1054


Notch receptors in human choroid plexus tumors
R. Beschorner, J. Waidelich, K. Trautmann, T. Psaras and J. Schittenhelm
pp 1055-1063


Effect of regenerative factor rich plasma, P substance and fetal calf serum on the growth of epithelial cells in the cornea. Comparative experimental study
R. Márquez de Aracena del Cid and A. Pérez Ordoñez
pp 1065-1071


The peculiar apoptotic behavior of skeletal muscle cells
S. Salucci, S. Burattini, V. Baldassarri, M. Battistelli, B. Canonico, A. Valmori, S. Papa and E. Falcieri
pp 1073-1087