Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 27, number 12 (December), 2012 (published online: October 11, 2012)



Kidney pericytes: A novel therapeutic target in interstitial fibrosis
S.W. Smith, C. Schrimpf, D.J. Parekh, M. Venkatachalam and J.S. Duffield
pp 1503-1514


Role of extracellular matrix remodelling in adipose tissue pathophysiology. Relevance in the development of obesity
V. Catalán, J. Gómez-Ambrosi, A. Rodríguez and G. Frühbeck
pp 1515-1528


Mesencephalic neuronal populations. New insights on the ventral differentiation programs
J.A. Moreno-Bravo, J.E. Martinez-Lopez and E. Puelles
pp 1529-1538


Fluorescence in situ hybridization for ambiguous melanocytic tumors
B. Gammon and P. Gerami
pp 1539-1542



Prox 1, VEGF-C and VEGFR3 expression during cervical neoplasia progression as evidence of an early lymphangiogenic switch
A.M. Cimpean, V. Mazuru, L. Saptefrati, R. Ceausu and M. Raica
pp 1543-1550


Evaluation of tissue response and genotoxicity of poly(L/D-lactic acid) disks implanted in rat calvarium
J.G. Göelzer, R.L. Avelar, A.N. Dolzan, O.E. Becker, O.L. Haas Jr, L.Y.S. de Oliveira and R.B. de Oliveira
pp 1551-1557


Proposed mechanism in the change of cellular composition in the outer medullary collecting duct during potassium homeostasis
E.-Y. Park, W.-Y. Kim, Y.-M. Kim, J.-H. Lee, K.-H. Han, I.D. Weiner and J. Kim
pp 1559-1577


Expression and localization of VEGF receptors in human fetal skeletal tissues
M. Marini, E. Sarchielli, M. Toce, A. Acocella, R. Bertolai, C. Ciulli, C. Orlando, E. Sgambati and G.B. Vannelli
pp 1579-1587


Nerve-Langerhans cell interactions in diabetes and aging
A.L.N. Doss and P.G. Smith
pp 1589-1598


Fluoxetine may worsen hyperoxia-induced lung damage in neonatal rats
A. Porzionato, P. Zaramella, V. Macchi, D. Grisafi, R. Salmaso, M. Baraldi, E. Fornaro, E. Tassone, V. Masola, M. Onisto, L. Chiandetti and R. De Caro
pp 1599-1610


Vitellogenesis in Archigetes sieboldi Leuckart, 1878 (Cestoda, Caryophyllidea, Caryophyllaeidae), an intestinal parasite of carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
M. Bruňanská, J.S. Mackiewicz and J. Nebesářová
pp 1611-1620


Characterization of the lectin binding pattern in human spermatozoa after swim-up selection
M.J. Gómez-Torres, M. Avilés, J.L. Girela, V. Murcia, P.J. Fernández-Colom, A. Romeu and J. De Juan
pp 1621-1628