Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 27, number 10 (October), 2012 (published online: August 31, 2012)



Hypoxia-induced Factor-1α in endometrial carcinoma: a mini-review of current evidence
V. Dousias, T. Vrekoussis, I. Navrozoglou, M. Paschopoulos, T. Stefos, A. Makrigiannakis and U. Jeschke

pp 1247-1253


Tracking stem cell migration and survival in brain injury: Current approaches and future prospects
A. Darkazalli and C.W. Levenson

pp 1255-1261


The involvement of microRNAs in malignant transformation
Z.J. Rutnam and B.B. Yang

pp 1263-1270


Promoter methylation of tumor-related genes in gastric carcinogenesis
C. Zhao and X. Bu
pp 1271-1282



Claudin expression in breast cancer: High or low, what to expect?
S. Ricardo, R. Gerhard, J.F. Cameselle-Teijeiro, F. Schmitt and J. Paredes
pp 1283-1295


Alloxan-induced hyperglycemia causes rapid-onset and progressive dental caries and periodontitis in F344 rats
Y. Nakahara, T. Sano, Y. Kodama, K. Ozaki and T. Matsuura
pp 1297-1306


Renal involvement in cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy (CADASIL): report of a case with a six-year follow-up
M. Ragno, L. Trojano, L. Pianese, M.V. Boni, S. Silvestri, V. Mambelli, T. Lorenzi, M. Scarpelli and M. Morroni
pp 1307-1314


Expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in invasive breast carcinomas and its prognostic impact
H.P. Dhakal, B. Naume, M. Synnestvedt, E. Borgen, R. Kaaresen, E. Schlichting, G. Wiedswang, A. Bassarova, R. Holm, K-E. Giercksky and J.M. Nesland
pp 1315-1325


Renal sinus pseudolymphoma in a patient with multiple carcinomas: a case report and a brief review of the literature
M.R. Ambrosio, B.J. Rocca, M. Onorati, C. Bellan, G. Barbanti, M.T. del Vecchio and S. Tripodi
pp 1327-1332


A fluorescence-based demonstration of intestinal villi and epithelial cell in chickens fed dietary silicic acid powder including bamboo vinegar compound liquid
J. Ruttanavut, Y. Matsumoto and K. Yamauchi
pp 1333-1342


Cimetidine-induced vascular cell apoptosis impairs testicular microvasculature in adult rats
F.L. Beltrame, C.T. Yamauti, B. H. Caneguim, P.S. Cerri, S.M. Miraglia and E. Sasso-Cerri
pp 1343-1351


Relationship between B-Cell-specific moloney murine leukemia virus integration site 1 (BMI-1) and homologous recombination regulatory genes in invasive ductal breast carcinomas
G.G. da Silveira, J.P. Oliveira-Costa, D.F. Soave, J.S. Zanetti, F.A. Soares and A. Ribeiro-Silva
pp 1353-1359