Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 26, number 8 (August), 2011 (published online: June 21, 2011)



Distribution of Kiaa0319-like immunoreactivity in the adult mouse brain - a novel protein encoded by the putative dyslexia susceptibility gene KIAA0319-like
M.-W. Poon, W.-H. Tsang, M.M.-Y. Waye and S.-O. Chan
pp 953-963


Molecular and morphological characterization of neural tube defects in embryos of diabetic Swiss Albino mice
W.T. Loh, S.T. Dheen, B. Jiang, S.D. Kumar and S.S.W. Tay
pp 965-978


Phenotypic changes and possible angiogenic roles of pericytes during wound healing in the mouse skin
S. Morikawa and T. Ezaki
pp 979-995


Myeloid CD11c+ S100+ dendritic cells express indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase at the inflammatory border to invasive lower lip squamous cell carcinoma
M.A. Kuales, J. Wenzel, M.-H. Schmid-Wendtner, T. Bieber and D. von Bubnoff
pp 997-1006


De novo expression of the hemoglobin scavenger receptor CD163 by activated microglia is not associated with hemorrhages in human brain lesions
K. Holfelder, J. Schittenhelm, K. Trautmann, J. Haybaeck, R. Meyermann and R. Beschorner
pp 1007-1017


Sperm ultrastructure of Helicometra epinepheli (Platyhelminthes, Digenea, Opecoelidae), parasite of Epinephelus fasciatus (Pisces, Teleostei)
Y. Quilichini, J. Foata, J-L. Justine, R.A. Bray and B. Marchand


Upregulation of the high mobility group AT-hook 2 gene in acute aortic dissection is potentially associated with endothelial-mesenchymal transition
G. Belge, A. Radtke, A. Meyer, I. Stegen, D. Richardt, R. Nimzyk, V. Nigam, A. Dendorfer, H.H. Sievers, M. Tiemann, I. Buchwalow, J. Bullerdiek and S.A. Mohamed
pp 1029-1037


Parafibromin expression in lung normal tissue and carcinoma: its comparison with clinicopathological parameters of carcinoma
P. Xia, W. Wang, X.-y. Xu, J.-p. Wang, Y. Takano and H.-c. Zheng
pp 1039-1047


Maternal diabetes affects cell proliferation in developing rat placenta
T.M.T. Zorn, M. Zúñiga, E. Madrid, R. Tostes, Z. Fortes, F. Giachini and S. San Martín
pp 1049-1056


Isolation of pluripotent stem cells from human third molar dental pulp
M. Atari, M. Barajas, F. Hernández-Alfaro, C. Gil, M. Fabregat, E. Ferrés Padró, L. Giner and N. Casals
pp 1057-1070



Ovarian pluripotent/multipotent stem cells and in vitro oogenesis in mammals
I. Virant-Klun, M. Stimpfel and T. Skutella
pp 1071-1082


Insights into iron and nuclear factor-kappa B (NF-κB) involvement in chronic inflammatory processes in peritoneal endometriosis
S. Defrère, R. González-Ramos, J.-C. Lousse, S. Colette, O. Donnez, J. Donnez and A. Van Langendonckt
pp 1083-1092


Neural stem cell-mediated therapy for rare brain diseases: perspectives in the near future for LSDs and MNDs
L. de Filippis
pp 1093-1109