Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 25, number 8 (August), 2010 (published online: June 16, 2010)



CD34-positive myxoid sarcoma of the retroperitoneum: a dilemma in differential diagnosis of multiple biopsy specimens
T. Terada
pp 957-962


P-cadherin, Vimentin and CK14 for identification of basal-like phenotype in breast carcinomas: an immunohistochemical study
B. Sousa, J. Paredes, F. Milanezi, N. Lopes, D. Martins, R. Dufloth, D. Vieira, A. Albergaria, L. Veronese, V. Carneiro, S. Carvalho, J.L. Costa, L. Zeferino and F. Schmitt
pp 963-974


Neurotrophin-4 dependency of intraepithelial vagal sensory nerve terminals that selectively contact pulmonary NEBs in mice
F. Oztay, I. Brouns, I. Pintelon, M. Raab, W. Neuhuber, J.-P. Timmermans and D. Adriaensen
pp 975-984


The kinetics and distribution of different macrophage populations in the developing rat skin
V. Juniantito, T. Izawa, E. Yamamoto, M. Kuwamura and J. Yamate
pp 985-994


Involvement of endogenous prostaglandin E2 in tubular epithelial regeneration through inhibition of apoptosis and epithelial-mesenchymal transition in cisplatin-induced rat renal lesions
E. Yamamoto, T. Izawa, V. Juniantito, M. Kuwamura, K. Sugiura, T. Takeuchi and J. Yamate
pp 995-1007


Immunohistochemical analysis of steroid receptors in ovaries of postmenopausal women - effects of aging and hormone status
A. Brodowska, M. Laszczyńska, A. Starczewski, J. Brodowski, M. Masiuk and W. Domagała
pp 1009-1016


Sudan Black B treatment reduces autofluorescence and improves resolution of in situ hybridization specific fluorescent signals of brain sections
V.C. Oliveira, R.C.V. Carrara, D.L.C. Simoes, F.P. Saggioro, C.G. Carlotti Jr, D.T. Covas and L. Neder
pp 1017-1024


Immunohistochemical study of macrophage and cytokine dynamics in the gut of scrapie-infected mice
J.L. Romero-Trevejo, J.C. Gómez-Villamandos, M. Pedrera, A. Blanco, María J. Bautista and P.J. Sánchez-Cordón
pp 1025-1038



The role of focal adhesion Kinase in early development
N.A. Chatzizacharias, G.P. Kouraklis and S.E. Theocharis
pp 1039-1055


New advances on critical implications of tumor- and metastasis-initiating cells in cancer progression, treatment resistance and disease recurrence
M. Mimeault and S.K. Batra
pp 1057-1073


Liver fibrosis: a dynamic and potentially reversible process
D. Povero, C. Busletta, E. Novo, L. Valfrè di Bonzo, S. Cannito, C. Paternostro and M. Parola
pp 1075-1091


An update on the pathobiological relevance of nuclear receptors for cancers of the head and neck
R.H. Stauber, D. Wünsch, S.K. Knauer and V. Fetz
pp 1093-1104