Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 25, number 6 (June), 2010 (published online: April 8, 2010)



Investigation of AGE, their receptor and NF-κB activation and apoptosis in patients with ATTR and Gelsolin amyloidosis
I. Anan, S. Kiuru-Enari, K. Obayashi, P.J. Ranløv and Y. Ando
pp 691-699


Podoplanin expression in tumor-free resection margins of oral squamous cell carcinomas: an immunohistochemical and fractal analysis study
C. Margaritescu, M. Raica, D. Pirici, C. Simionescu, L. Mogoanta, A.C. Stinga, A.S. Stinga and D. Ribatti
pp 701-711


Melanocytic matricoma. Report of a further case with clinicopathological and immunohistochemical findings, differential diagnosis and review of the literature
F. Cartaginese and A. Sidoni
pp 713-717


Treadmill training increases the size of A cells from the L5 dorsal root ganglia in diabetic rats
P.S. do Nascimento, T. Malysz, J. Ilha, R.T. Araujo, E.E.S. Hermel, P.I. Kalil-Gaspar, M.C. Faccioni-Heuser, B.D. Schaan and M. Achaval
pp 719-732


Diagnostic and prognostic value of T-cell receptor gamma alternative reading frame protein (TARP) expression in prostate cancer
F.R. Fritzsche, C. Stephan, J. Gerhardt, M. Lein, I. Hofmann, K. Jung, M. Dietel and G. Kristiansen
pp 733-739


Oxidized regenerated cellulose does not prevent the formation of experimental postoperative perineural fibrosis assessed by digital analysis
P. Hernández-Cortés, M. Peregrina, J. Aneiros-Fernández, M. Tassi, M. Pajares-López, M. Toledo and F. O’Valle
pp 741-747


Differential tissue expression of enhanced green fluorescent protein in ‘Green mice’
D.-F. Ma, H. Tezuka, T. Kondo, K. Sudo, D.-F. Niu, T. Nakazawa, T. Kawasaki, T. Yamane, N. Nakamura and R. Katoh
pp 749-754


Dynorphin expression, processing and receptors in the alveolar macrophages, cancer cells and bronchial epithelium of lung cancer patients
S.A. Mousa, M. Krajnik, P. Sobanski, J. Kowalewski, E. Bloch-Boguslawska, Z. Zylicz and M. Schäfer
pp 755-764



Role of neutrophil-derived matrix metalloproteinase-9 in tissue regeneration
B. Heissig, C. Nishida, Y. Tashiro, Y. Sato, M. Ishihara, M. Ohki, I. Gritli, J. Rosenkvist and K. Hattori
pp 765-770


Neurotrophic keratopathy; its pathophysiology and treatment
Y. Okada, P.S. Reinach, A. Kitano, K. Shirai, W.W.-Y. Kao and S. Saika
pp 771-780


Microanatomy of lymphocyte-endothelial interactions at the high endothelial venules of lymph nodes
K. Tohya, E. Umemoto and M. Miyasaka
pp 781-794


The CCN proteins: important signaling mediators in stem cell differentiation and tumorigenesis
G.-W. Zuo, C.D. Kohls, B.-C. He, L. Chen, W. Zhang, Q. Shi, B.-Q. Zhang, Q. Kang, J. Luo, X. Luo, E.R. Wagner, S.H. Kim, F. Restegar, R.C. Haydon, Z.-L. Deng, H.H. Luu, T.-C. He and Q. Luo
pp 795-806


Defining adipose tissue-derived stem cells in tissue and in culture
C.-S. Lin, Z.-C. Xin, C.-H. Deng, H. Ning, G. Lin and T.F. Lue
pp 807-815