Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 25, number 4 (April), 2010 (published online: February 25, 2010)



Anencephalic fetuses can be an alternative for kidney transplantation: a stereological and histological investigation
A. Kalaycıoğlu, M. Karaca, i. Can, O.N. Keleş, Y. Üçüncü, C. Gündoğdu, A. Uyanık and B. Ünal
pp 413-422


Morphometric studies in human pancreatic cancer argues against the etiological role of type 2 diabetes in pancreatic cancer
M. Saruc, K. Iki and P.M. Pour
pp 423-432


Absorptive activities of the efferent ducts evaluated by the immunolocalization of aquaporin water channels and lectin histochemistry in adult cats
S. Arrighi, G. Ventriglia, M. Aralla, S. Zizza, A. Di Summa and S. Desantis
pp 433-444


The pathobiological behaviors and prognosis associated with Japanese gastric adenocarcinomas of pure WHO histological subtypes
H.-C. Zheng, Y.-S. Zheng, P. Xia, X.-Y. Xu, Y.-N. Xing, H. Takahashi, Y.-F. Guan and Y. Takano
pp 445-452


Intralesional administration of allogeneic bone marrow stromal cells reduces functional deficits after intracerebral hemorrhage
L. Otero, C. Bonilla, C. Aguayo, M. Zurita and J. Vaquero
pp 453-461


TGF-ß1 and VEGF after fresh frozen bone allograft insertion in oral-maxillo-facial surgery
L.F. Rodella, G. Favero, R. Boninsegna, A. Borgonovo, R. Rezzani and F. Santoro
pp 463-471


REG IV overexpression in an early stage of colorectal carcinogenesis: An immunohistochemical study
X.-H. Li, Y. Zheng, H.-C. Zheng, H. Takahashi, X.-H. Yang, S. Masuda and Y. Takano
pp 473-484


Etoposide induces G2/M arrest and apoptosis in neural progenitor cells via DNA damage and an ATM/p53-related pathway
C. Nam, K. Doi and H. Nakayama
pp 485-493



Non-compaction of the ventricular myocardium: a cardiomyopathy in search of a pathoanatomical definition
J.F. Val-Bernal, M.F. Garijo, D. Rodriguez-Villar and D. Val
pp 495-503


Stem cells and germ cells: microRNA and gene expression signatures
P.W. Dyce, D. Toms and J. Li
pp 505-513


Tumor suppression by p53: making cells senescent
Y. Qian and X. Chen
pp 515-526


Annexins as disease modifiers
L. Fatimathas and S.E. Moss
pp 527-532


Control of cell shape and plasticity during development and disease by the actin-binding protein Drebrin
X.-P. Dun and J.K. Chilton
pp 533-540