Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 25, number 12 (December), 2010 (published online: October 1, 2010)



Reduced expression of the membrane skeleton protein beta1-spectrin (SPTBN1) is associated with worsened prognosis in pancreatic cancer
X. Jiang, S. Gillen, I. Esposito, N.A. Giese, C.W. Michalski, H. Friess and J. Kleeff
pp 1497-1506


Histological differences in healing following experimental transmural infarction in rats
J. Aljinović, K. Vukojević, V. Košta, M.M. Guić, M. Saraga-Babić and I. Grković
pp 1507-1517


Gill alterations as biomarkers of chronic exposure to endosulfan in Bufo bufo tadpoles
E. Brunelli, I. Bernabò, E. Sperone and S. Tripepi
pp 1519-1529


Evaluation of the corneal endothelium in patients with diabetes mellitus type I and II
L. Módis Jr, E. Szalai, K. Kertész, Á. Kemény-Beke, B. Kettesy and A. Berta
pp 1531-1537


Tryptase, CD15 and IL-15 as reliable markers for the determination of soft and hard ligature marks vitality
E. Turillazzi, G. Vacchiano, A. Luna-Maldonado, M. Neri, C. Pomara, R. Rabozzi, I. Riezzo and V. Fineschi
pp 1539-1546


Effect of dolomite on the repair of bone defects in rats: histological study
E. Moreschi, L. Hernandes, J.A. Dantas, M.A.R.C. Pereira da Silva, A.R. Casaroto and C.A. Bersani-Amado
pp 1547-1556


Posthatch development of the axial musculature of the common dentex Dentex dentex, L (Teleostei)
O. López Albors, M. Arizcun, E. Abellán, A. Blanco, M.D. Ayala, L.M. Pastor and R. Latorre
pp 1557-1571


Lectin histochemistry of the temporal gland of the African elephant (Loxodonta africana)
W. Meyer, G. Weissengruber and R. Busche
pp 1573-1579


Cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy in spontaneously diabetic rats with and without application of EGb 761
R. Schneider, K. Welt, W. Aust, R. Kluge, H. Löster and G. Fitzl
pp 1581-1590



New determinates of disease progression and outcome in metastatic ovarian carcinoma
B. Davidson, R. Reich, C.G. Trope, T.-L. Wang and I.-M. Shih
pp 1591-1609


Vacuolar-type proton pump ATPases: roles of subunit isoforms in physiology and pathology
G.-h. Sun-Wada and Y. Wada
pp 1611-1620


Epiprofin/Sp6: A new player in the regulation of tooth development
L. Jimenez-Rojo, G. Ibarretxe, M. Aurrekoetxea, S. de Vega, T. Nakamura, Y. Yamada and F. Unda
pp 1621-1630