Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 25, number 11 (November), 2010 (published online: September 24, 2010)



Histopathological and biochemical changes in rat thyroid following acute exposure to hexavalent chromium
T. Mahmood, I.Z. Qureshi and M.J. Iqbal
pp 1355-1370


Expression of mitotic kinases phospho-aurora A and aurora B correlates with clinical and pathological parameters in bladder neoplasms
P. Bufo, F. Sanguedolce, S. Tortorella, L. Cormio, G. Carrieri and G. Pannone
pp 1371-1377


When one plus one equals more than two - a novel stain for renal biopsies is a combination of two classical stains
S.V. Brodsky, A. Albawardi, A.A. Satoskar, G. Nadasdy and T. Nadasdy
pp 1379-1383


Renal expression of organic anion transporter Oat5 in rats and mice exhibits the female-dominant sex differences
D. Breljak, M. Ljubojević, D. Balen, V. Žlender, H. Brzica, V. Micek, M. Kušan, N. Anzai and I. Sabolić
pp 1385-1402


Reduced UVB-induced corneal damage caused by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and decreased changes in corneal optics after trehalose treatment
J. Čejková, Č. Čejka, T. Ardan, J. Širc, J. Michálek and J. Luyckx
pp 1403-1416


Immunohistochemical localization of galectins-1 and -3 and monitoring of tissue galectin-binding sites during tubular regeneration after renal ischemia reperfusion in the rat
D. Vansthertem, S. Cludts, D. Nonclercq, A. Gossiaux, S. Saussez, A. Legrand, H.-J. Gabius and G. Toubeau
pp 1417-1429


The relationship between pregnancy-associated plasma protein-A (PAPP-A) and human intervertebral disc degeneration
H.E. Gruber, L. Buchanan, J.A. Ingram, N. Zinchenko, H.J. Norton and E.N. Hanley Jr
pp 1431-1436


Distribution of CD105 and CD166 positive cells in the proximal epiphysis of developing rat humerus
O. Ozbey, Z. Sahin, N. Acar and I. Ustunel
pp 1437-1445


The metastasis-associated gene MTA3 is downregulated in advanced endometrioid adenocarcinomas
A. Brüning, J. Jückstock, T. Blankenstein, J. Makovitzky, S. Kunze and I. Mylonas
pp 1447-1456



Organelle dynamics and membrane trafficking in apoptosis and autophagy
J.P.X. Cheng and J.D. Lane
pp 1457-1472


How can mammalian Rab small GTPases be comprehensively analyzed?: Development of new tools to comprehensively analyze mammalian Rabs in membrane traffic
M. Fukuda
pp 1473-1480


Gli-similar (Glis) Krüppel-like zinc finger proteins: insights into their physiological functions and critical roles in neonatal diabetes and cystic renal disease
H.S. Kang, G. ZeRuth, K. Lichti-Kaiser, S. Vasanth, Z. Yin, Y.-S. Kim and A.M. Jetten
pp 1481-1496