Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 24, number 7 (July), 2009 (published online: May 28, 2009)


Claudin-5 protein is a new differential marker for histopathological differential diagnosis of canine hemangiosarcoma
Cs. Jakab, J. Halász, A. Kiss, Z. Schaff, M. Rusvai, P. Gálfi, T.Z. Abonyi and J. Kulka

pp 801-813
The pathogenesis of chronic inflammation and malignant transformation in the human upper airways: the role of beta-defensins, eNOS, cell proliferation and apoptosis
H. Pacova, J. Astl and J. Martinek

pp 815-820
Analysis of gene status in cervical dysplastic lesions and squamous cell carcinoma using tissue microarrays
C. Costa, B. Espinet, M.A. Molina, R. Salgado, M. Salido, T. Baró, P. Fusté, G. Mancebo, R. Carreras, F. Solé, S. Serrano and F. Alameda

pp 821-829
Expression of beta-catenin and its mechanism of delocalization in intestinal-type early gastric cancer based on mucin expression
S.H. Lee, H.J. Kang, D.-H. Shin, D.-Y. Cho, J.M. Song, H.C. Lee, G.H. Kim, G.A. Song, M.Y. Sol, J.Y. Kim, K.U. Choi, C.H. Lee, G.Y. Huh and D.Y. Park

pp 831-838
Unexpected presence of the neurotrophins NGF and BDNF and the neurotrophin receptor p75 in the tendon cells of the human Achilles tendon
J. Bagge, R. Lorentzon, H. Alfredson and S. Forsgren
pp 839-848
Keratinocyte dysfunction in vitiligo epidermis: cytokine microenvironment and correlation to keratinocyte apoptosis
S. Moretti, P. Fabbri, G. Baroni, S. Berti, D. Bani, E. Berti, R. Nassini, T. Lotti and D. Massi
Tissue distribution of perlecan domains III and V during embryonic and fetal human development
M. Roediger, J. Kruegel, N. Miosge and N. Gersdorff
Tumor stroma is the predominant uPA-, uPAR-, PAI-1-expressing tissue in human breast cancer: prognostic impact
R. Hildenbrand, A. Schaaf, A. Dorn-Beineke, H. Allgayer, M. Sütterlin, A. Marx and P. Stroebel
pp 869-877
Immunohistopathological and neuroimaging characterization of murine orthotopic xenograft models of glioblastoma multiforme recapitulating the most salient features of human disease
E. Radaelli, R. Ceruti, V. Patton, M. Russo, A. Degrassi, V. Croci, F. Caprera, G. Stortini, E. Scanziani, E. Pesenti and R. Alzani
pp 879-891


Oxidative stress, isoprostanes and hepatic fibrosis
M. Comporti, B. Arezzini, C. Signorini, D. Vecchio and C. Gardi

pp 893-900
Differential role of mesangial cells and podocytes in TGF-ß-induced mesangial matrix synthesis in chronic glomerular disease
H.S. Lee and C.Y. Song
pp 901-908
Pericytes. Morphofunction, interactions and pathology in a quiescent and activated mesenchymal cell niche
L. Díaz-Flores, R. Gutiérrez, J.F. Madrid, H. Varela, F. Valladares, E. Acosta, P. Martín-Vasallo and L. Díaz-Flores Jr
pp 909-969