Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 21, number 7 (July), 2006 (published online: April 4, 2006)


Toll like receptor-4 expression in lipopolysaccharide induced lung inflammation
K.S. Janardhan, M. McIsaac, J. Fowlie, A. Shrivastav, S. Caldwell, R.K. Sharma and B. Singh
pp 687-696

Cytokeratin-positive subserosal myofibroblasts in gastroduodenal ulcer; another type of myofibroblasts
L. Guo, N. Kuroda, H. Nakayama, E. Miyazaki, Y. Hayashi, M. Toi, M. Hiroi and H. Enzan
pp 697-704

Comparison of MR images and histochemical localization of intra-arterially administered microglia surrounding ß-amyloid deposits in the rat brain
Y. Song, S. Morikawa, M. Morita, T. Inubushi, T. Takada, R. Torii, Y. Kitamura, T. Taniguchi and I. Tooyama
pp 705-711

Topoisomerase 1A, HER/2neu and Ki67 expression in paired primary and relapse ovarian cancer tissue samples
P. Surowiak, V. Materna, I. Kaplenko, M. Spaczynski, M. Dietel, H. Lage and M. Zabel
pp 713-720
Quantitative cell-cycle protein expression in oral cancer assessed by computer-assisted system
C.P. Soares, J.A.S. Zuanon, D.B. Teresa, P.A Fregonezi, C.B. Neto, M.R.B. Oliveira, E.A. Donadi, C.P. Martinelli-Kläy and E.G. Soares
pp 721-728
Histological recovery of the hepatocytes is based on the redox system upregulation in the animal models of mutant superoxide dismutase (SOD)1-linked amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
M. Kato, S. Kato, Y. Abe, T. Nishino, E. Ohama, M. Aoki and Y. Itoyama
pp 729-742
Altered patterns of RB expression define groups of soft tissue sarcoma patients with distinct biological and clinical behavior
D. Polsky, S. Mastorides, D. Kim, M. Dudas, L. Leon, D. Leung, J.M. Woodruff, M.F. Brennan, I. Osman and C. Cordon-Cardo
pp 743-752


Perioperative IFN-alpha to avoid surgically induced immune suppression in colorectal cancer patients
S.J. Oosterling, G.J. van der Bij, A.K. Mels, R.H.J. Beelen, S. Meijer, M. van Egmond and P.A.M. van Leeuwen
pp 753-760

Role of WNT signaling in normal and malignant hematopoiesis
N.I. Khan and L.J. Bendall
pp 761-774
Cardiac natriuretic peptides: hormones with anticancer effects that localize to nucleus, cytoplasm, endothelium, and fibroblasts of human cancers
S.R. Saba and D.L. Vesely
pp 775-783
Histone modifications in status epilepticus induced by kainate
H. Taniura, J.C.G. Sng and Y. Yoneda
pp 785-791
Do chondrocytes undergo “activation” and “transdifferentiation” during the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis? A review of the ultrastructural and immunohistochemical evidence
J.B. Kouri and C. Lavalle
pp 793-802