Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 21, number 12 (December), 2006 (published online: September 13, 2006)


Cellular proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis in polyether-polyurethane sponge implant model in mice
P.P. Campos, S.P. Andrade, L. Moro, M.A.N.D. Ferreira and A.C. Vasconcelos
pp 1263-1270
Chronic hypoxia alters calbindin D-28k immunoreactivity in lingual and laryngeal taste buds in the rat
T. Yoshida, H. Matsuda, Y. Yamamoto, Y. Hayashida, M. Tsukuda and T. Kusakabe
pp 1271-1276

Bone allograft non-union is related to excessive osteoclastic bone resorption: A sheep model study
R.K. Laird, N.J. Pavlos, J. Xu, B. Brankov, B. White, Y. Fan, J.M. Papadimitriou, D.J. Wood and M.H. Zheng
pp 1277-1285
Increasing expression of fascin in renal cell carcinoma associated with clinicopathological parameters of aggressiveness
J.-S. Jin, C.-P. Yu, G.-H. Sun, Y.-F. Lin, H. Chiang, T.-K. Chao, W.-C. Tsai and L.-F. Sheu
pp 1287-1293
Detection of platelet-derived growth factor-alpha (PDGF-A) protein in cells of Leydig lineage in the postnatal rat testis
K.A. Fecteau, L. Mrkonjich, J.I. Mason and S.M.L.C. Mendis-Handagama
pp 1295-1302
The distribution of myofibroblasts and CD34-positive stromal cells in normal renal pelvis and ureter and their cancers
N. Kuroda, N. Shimasaki, E. Miyazaki, T. Hamauzu, M. Toi, M. Hiroi, T. Shuin and H. Enzan
pp 1303-1307
Morphogenesis of rat experimental pulmonary emphysema induced by intratracheally administered papain: changes in elastic fibres
L.M. Pastor, F. Sánchez-Gascón, J.C. Girona, C.M. Bernal-Mañas, E. Morales, E. Beltrán-Frutos and M. Canteras
pp 1309-1319
Caspase-3 and caspase-6 in ductal breast carcinoma: a descriptive study
S. Blázquez, J.J. Sirvent, M. Olona, C. Aguilar, A. Pelegri, J.F. Garcia and J. Palacios
pp 1321-1329


Fetal ocular movements and retinal cell differentiation: analysis employing DNA microarrays
M. Baguma-Nibasheka, T. Reddy, A. Abbas-Butt and B. Kablar
pp 1331-1337
Ectopeptidases in tumour biology: A review
S. Carl-McGrath, U. Lendeckel, M. Ebert and C. Röcken
pp 1339-1353
Natural IgM antibodies: from parias to parvenus
H.P. Vollmers and S. Brändlein
pp 1355-1366
Myelofibrosis in chronic myeloproliferative disorders - dynamics and clinical impact
J. Thiele and H.M. Kvasnicka
pp 1367-1378