Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 21, number 11 (November), 2006 (published online: July 25, 2006)


BMI-1: a protein expressed in stem cells, specialized cells and tumors of the gastrointestinal tract
C. Reinisch, S. Kandutsch, A. Uthman and J. Pammer
pp 1143-1149
Accelerated tubular cell senescence in SMP30 knockout mice
W. Yumura, T. Imasawa, S. Suganuma, A. Ishigami, S. Handa, S. Kubo, K. Joh and N. Maruyama

Inhibitors of inducible nitric oxide (NO) synthase are more effective than an NO donor in reducing carbon-tetrachloride induced acute liver injury
G.L.Tipoe, T.M. Leung, E. Liong, H. So, K.M. Leung, T.Y.H. Lau, W.M. Tom, M.L. Fung, S.T. Fan and A.A. Nanji
pp 1157-1165
8-weeks training program attenuates mitochondrial oxidative stress in the liver of emotionally stressed rats
M. Rosety-Rodriguez, F.J. Ordonez, I. Rosety, L. Frias, M.A. Rosety, J.M. Rosety and M. Rosety
pp 1167-1170
Somatostatinoma: collision with neurofibroma and ultrastructural features
W. Varikatt, J.L.C. Yong and M.C. Killingsworth
pp 1171-1180
Pulmonary response to methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl treatment in rats: injury and repair evaluation
T. Halatek, B. Opalska, K. Rydzynski and A. Bernard
pp 1181-1192
Decidualized and pre-decidualized normal endometrial stromal cells produce more O-linked N-acetylglucosamine containing epitope H than non-decidualized normal endometrial stromal cells
P.T. Polyzos, L.D. Arvanitis, A.Charchanti, V. Galani, S. Havaki, V.A. Kallioras, M. Nakou, E.G. Faros, E. Marinos, M.N. Sgantzos and C. Kittas
pp 1193-1198
Expression of glutathione S-transferase T1 (GSTT1) in human brain tumours
A. Diedrich, H.C. Bock, F. König, T.G. Schulz, H.C.Ludwig, R. Herken and F. Quondamatteo
pp 1199-1207


The application of stem cells in the treatment of ischemic diseases
C.P. Chen, Y.J. Lee, S.T. Chiu, W.C. Shyu, M.Y. Lee, S.P. Huang and H. Li
pp 1209-1216
Cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the selective vulnerability of striatal projection neurons in Huntington’s disease
E. Pérez-Navarro, J.M. Canals, S. Ginés and J. Alberch
pp 1217-1232
Skin gene therapy for acquired and inherited disorders
M. Carretero, M.J. Escámez, F. Prada, I. Mirones, M. García, A. Holguín, B. Duarte, O. Podhajcer, J.L. Jorcano, F. Larcher and M. Del Río
pp 1233-1247
Telomeres and telomerase. A survey about methods and recent advances in cancer diagnostic and therapy
J.M. Weise and Ç. Günes
pp 1249-1261