Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 21, number 10 (October), 2006 (published online: July 10, 2006)


The histopathology of Candida albicans invasion in neonatal rat tissues and in the human blood-brain barrier in culture revealed by light, scanning, transmission and immunoelectron microscopy
A.S. Lossinsky, A. Jong, M. Fiala, M. Mukhtar, K.F. Buttle and M. Ingram
pp 1029-1041

Histomorphogenesis and immunohistochemical study of the bovine pineal gland (Bos taurus) during prenatal development (160 days of gestation to birth)
S. Regodón, D. Pozo and V. Roncero
pp 1043-1053

Immunolocalizations of VEGF, its receptors flt-1, KDR and TGF-ß's in epithelial ovarian tumors
S. Inan, S. Vatansever, C. Celik-Ozenci, M. Sanci, N. Dicle and R. Demir
pp 1055-1064

Expression of gonadotrophin-releasing hormone binding sites in somatic tissues of the gilthead seabream (Sparus aurata): a quantitative autoradiographic study
D. González-Martínez, C. Sarasquete, E. Pascual and J.A. Muñoz-Cueto
pp 1065-1073
Histology and ultrastructure of the pineal organ in the domestic goose
M. Prusik, B. Lewczuk, M. Nowicki and B. Przybylska-Gornowicz
pp 1075-1090
Early administration of methylprednisolone decreases apoptotic cell death after spinal cord injury
J. Vaquero, M. Zurita, S. Oya, C. Aguayo and C. Bonilla
pp 1091-1102
Recruiting of somatotroph cells after combined somatostatin, GHRH and growth hormone (GH) secretagogue stimulation in a study of pituitary GH reserve in prepuberal female rats
L. Jiménez-Reina, E. García-Martínez, J.P. Rojas, M.D. Cañete, G. Bernal and R. Cañete
pp 1103-1110

Spinal intradural müllerianosis: a case report
V. Barresi, S. Cerasoli, E. Vitarelli and R. Donati
pp 1111-1114


Comparison of the established standard complement-dependent cytotoxicity and flow cytometric crossmatch assays with a novel ELISA-based HLA crossmatch procedure
W.W. Altermann, B. Seliger, S. Sel, D. Wendt and G. Schlaf
pp 1115-1124
Antiangiogenic and radiotherapy for cancer treatment
H. Kobayashi and P.C. Lin
pp 1125-1134
Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and cell proliferation: focus on cancer cells
M. Watanabe, K. Maemura, K. Oki, N. Shiraishi, Y. Shibayama and K. Katsu
pp 1135-1141