Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 20, number 3, 2005

Localization of Annexins I, II, IV and VII in whole prostate sections from radical prostatectomy patients
U. Lehnigk, U. Zimmermann, C. Woenckhaus and J. Giebel
pp 673-680
Ferroportin is expressed on the mucous granule membrane of a subpopulation of goblet cells in the duodenum of the rat
P.S. Oates and C. Thomas
pp 681-687
Glycogen autophagy in the liver and heart of newborn rats. The effects of glucagon, adrenalin or rapamycin
D.J. Kondomerkos, S.A. Kalamidas, O.B. Kotoulas and A.C. Hann
pp 689-696
Cellular distribution of growth hormone-releasing hormone receptor in human reproductive system and breast and prostate cancers
R. Gallego, E. Pintos, T. García-Caballero, K. Raghay, L. Boulanger, A. Beiras, P. Gaudreau and G. Morel
pp 697-706
Consistent lack of CD34-positive stromal cells in the stroma of malignant breast lesions
N. Kuroda, Y.-L. Jin, T. Hamauzu, M. Toi, E. Miyazaki, M. Hiroi, T. Moriki and H. Enzan
pp 707-712
Thyrotropin-releasing hormone receptor expression in thyroid follicular cells: a new paracrine role of C-cells?
M. De Miguel, J.M. Fernández-Santos, J.C. Utrilla, A. Carrillo-Vico, J. Borrero, E. Conde, J.M. Guerrero and I. Martín-Lacave
pp 713-718
Metalloproteinase expression by control and telomerase immortalized human endometrial endothelial cells
G. Krikun, G. Mor, J. Huang, F. Schatz and C.J. Lockwood
pp 719-724
Immunohistochemical investigation of amyloid ß-protein (Aß) in the brain of aged cats
G. Brellou, I. Vlemmas, S. Lekkas and N. Papaioannou
pp 725-731
Expression of muscarinic acetylcholine receptors (M1-, M2-, M3- and M4-type) in the neuromuscular junction of the newborn and adult rat
N. Garcia, M.M. Santafé, I. Salon, M.A. Lanuza and J. Tomàs
pp 733-743
Effects of triple treatment with octreotide, galanin and serotonin on a human pancreas cancer cell line in xenografts
M. El-Salhy, V. Tjomsland and E. Theodorsson
pp 745-752
Clinicopathologic and prognostic significance of cyclooxygenase-2 expression in endometrial carcinoma
M. Lambropoulou, G. Alexiadis, V. Limberis, N. Nikolettos and G. Tripsianis
pp 753-759
Immunohistochemical localization of senescence marker protein-30 (SMP30) in the submandibular gland and ultrastructural changes of the granular duct cells in SMP30 knockout mice
K. Ishii, T. Tsubaki, K. Fujita, A. Ishigami, N. Maruyama and M. Akita
pp 761-768
Karyotypic analysis of adult pluripotent stem cells
N.L. Henson, M.L. Heaton, B.H. Holland, K.C. Hawkins, B.A. Rawlings, E.A. Eanes, R.G. Bozof, S.W. Powell, R.E. Grau, J.A. Fortney, B.G. Peebles, D. Kumar, J.-I. Yoon, K.N. Godby, J.A. Collins, R. Sood, D. Hixson, F.P. Bowyer III, A.C. Black Jr and H.E. Young
pp 769-784
Unusual circular annulate lamellae in hepatocytes of Torpedo marmorata
A. Haggag and J. Gilloteaux
pp 785-789
Simultaneous bilateral breast carcinoma: Histopathological characteristics and CD44/catenin-cadherin profile
A.V. Bassarova, E. Torlakovic, T. Sedloev, S.L. Hristova, D.Y. Trifonov and J.M. Nesland
pp 791-799
Sclerotic fibroma-like dermatofibroma: an uncommon distinctive variant of dermatofibroma
M.C. González-Vela, J.F. Val-Bernal, M. Martino, M.A. González-López, E. García-Alberdi and S. Hermana
pp 801-806
Immunohistochemical analyses on albumin and immunoglobulin in acute hypertensive mouse kidneys by “in vivo cryotechnique”
Z. Li, N. Terada, N. Ohno and S. Ohno
pp 807-816
Detection of transforming growth factor-alpha and epidermal growth factor receptor mRNA and immunohistochemical localization of the corresponding proteins in the canine uterus during the estrous cycle
H. Tamada, M. Tominaga, K. Kida, N. Kawate, T. Inaba, S. Matsuyama and T. Sawada
pp 817-824
Role of prostaglandin E2 receptor subtypes in ovarian follicle growth in the rat in vivo. Correlation with interleukin-8 and neutrophils
N. El-Nefiawy, K. Abdel-Hakim, N. Kanayama and T. Terao
pp 825-831
Chronic alpha1-adrenoreceptor blockade produces age-dependent changes in rat thymus structure and thymocyte differentiation
B. Plecas-Soloravic, I. Hristic-Zivkovic, K. Radojevic, D. Kosec and G. Leposavic
pp 833-841
Decreased density of ß1-adrenergic receptors in preneoplastic and neoplastic liver lesions of F344 rats
R. Cardani and T. Zavanella
pp 843-850
Histopathologic features of the vagus nerve after electrical stimulation in swine
I. Díaz-Güemes Martín-Portugués, F.M. Sánchez Margallo, S. Pascual Sánchez-Gijón, V. Crisóstomo Ayala and J. Usón Gargallo
pp 851-856
Detection of CX3CR1 single nucleotide polymorphism and expression on archived eyes with age-related macular degeneration
C.-C. Chan, J. Tuo, C.M. Bojanowski, K.G. Csaky and W.R. Green
pp 857-863
Antigenic profile of human bronchial gland
N. Sánchez-Mora, J. Rendón-Henao, V. Monroy, M. Herranz Aladro and E. Álvarez-Fernández
pp 865-870
Thymidylate synthase predicts for clinical outcome in invasive breast cancer
Z. Yu, J. Sun, J. Zhen, Q. Zhang and Q. Yang
pp 871-878
Dynamics of bone marrow changes in patients with chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis following allogeneic stem cell transplantation
J. Thiele, H.M. Kvasnicka, H. Dietrich, G. Stein, M. Hann, A. Kaminski, N. Rathjen, K.A. Metz, D.W. Beelen, M. Ditschkowski, A. Zander and N. Kroeger
pp 879-889
Muscle-derived stem cells in tissue engineering: defining cell properties suitable for construct design
J. Buján, G. Pascual, C. Corrales, V. Gómez-Gil, M. Rodríguez and J.M. Bellón
pp 891-899


Labeling of adult stem cells for in vivo-application in the human heart
J.M.I. Wiehe, O. Zimmermann, J. Greiner, J.M. Homann, M. Wiesneth, V. Hombach and J. Torzewski
pp 901-906
Chemokines and their receptors in disease
L. Bendall
pp 907-926
The “early birds”: natural IgM antibodies and immune surveillance
H.P. Vollmers and S. Brändlein
pp 927-937
Immunological and molecular aspects of liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C virus infection
G. Giannelli and S. Antonaci
pp 939-944
Bruton’s Tyrosine Kinase is involved in innate and adaptive immunity
C. Brunner, B. Müller and T. Wirth
pp 945-955
Role of oxidative damage in the pathogenesis of viral infections of the nervous system
T. Valyi-Nagy and T.S. Dermody
pp 957-967
New aspects on the role of lipoxygenases in cancer progression
A. Catalano and A. Procopio
pp 969-975
Nuclear reprogramming and adult stem cell potential
S. Corti, F. Locatelli, D. Papadimitriou, S. Strazzer, S. Bonato and G.P. Comi
pp 977-986
Hypoxic adaptation of the rat carotid body
T. Kusakabe, H. Matsuda and Y. Hayashida
pp 987-997
Novel oncogene HCCR: its diagnostic and therapeutic implications for cancer
Y.J. Chung and J.W. Kim
pp 999-1003
The diverse signaling network of EGFR, HER2, HER3 and HER4 tyrosine kinase receptors and the consequences for therapeutic approaches
A. Zaczek, B. Brandt and K.P. Bielawski
pp 1005-1015