Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 20, number 1, 2005

Apoptotic cell death in canine hair follicle
L. Pascucci, V. Pedini, F. Parillo and A.M. Gargiulo
pp 1-9
Apoptosis resistance in pigmented villonodular synovitis
I. Berger, S. Aulmann, V. Ehemann, B. Helmchen and H. Weckauf
pp 11-17
Effects of triple therapy with octreotide, galanin and serotonin on a human colon cancer cell line implanted in mice: comparison between different routes of administration
M. El-Salhy
pp 19-25
The distribution of CD34-positive stromal cells and myofibroblasts in colorectal carcinoid tumors
N. Kuroda, H. Nakayama, E. Miyazaki, M. Toi, M. Hiroi and H. Enzan
pp 27-33
Renal clear-cell carcinoma: an ultrastructural study on the junctional complexes
G. Kim, S.A. Rajasekaran, G. Thomas, E.A. Rosen, E.M. Landaw, P. Shintaku, C. Lassman, J. Said and A.K. Rajasekaran
pp 35-44
ICAM-1 expression on endothelium and systemic cytokine production in cutaneous neutrophilic leukocytoclastic vasculitis in NZBxNZWF1 mice
T. Hayashi, K. Hasegawa and N. Ichinohe
pp 45-52
Histological evaluation of scar tissue inflammatory response: the role of hGH in diabetic rats
F. García-Esteo, G. Pascual, N. García-Honduvilla, A. Gallardo, J. San-Román, J.M. Bellón and J. Buján
pp 53-57
An immunohistochemical study of the expression of cell-cycle-regulated proteins p53, cyclin D1, RB, p27, Ki67 and MSH2 in gallbladder carcinoma and its precursor lesions
Y.H. Xuan, Y.L. Choi, Y.K. Shin, M.C. Kook, S.W. Chae, S.M. Park, H.B. Chae and S.H. Kim
pp 59-66
The participation of myofibroblasts in the capsular formation of human conventional and chromophobe renal cell carcinomas
N. Shimasaki, N. Kuroda, L. Guo, Y. Jin, E. Miyazaki, Y. Hayashi, M. Toi, M. Hiroi, H. Enzan and T. Shuin
pp 67-73
Gastrointestinal phenotype of GAD67lacZ transgenic mice with early postnatal lethality
M. Krecsmarik, Z. Katarova, M. Bagyánszki, G. Szabó and É. Fekete
pp 75-82
Prognostic significance of augmented metallothionein (MT) expression correlated with Ki-67 antigen expression in selected soft tissue sarcomas
P. Dziegiel, W. Salwa-Zurawska, J. Zurawski, A. Wojnar and M. Zabel
pp 83-89
Alpha1-acid glycoprotein (AGP): a possible carrier of sialyl lewis X (slewis X) antigen in colorectal carcinoma
M.V. Croce, V.C. Sálice, E. Lacunza and A. Segal-Eiras
pp 91-97
Matrix metalloproteinase imbalance in muscle disuse atrophy
G. Giannelli, A. De Marzo, F. Marinosci and S. Antonaci
pp 99-106
Changes in extranucleolar transcription during actinomycin D-induced apoptosis
A. Fraschini, M.G. Bottone, A.I. Scovassi, M. Denegri, M.C. Risueño, P.S. Testillano, T.E. Martin, M. Biggiogera and C. Pellicciari
pp 107-117
Expression of the ets-1 proto-oncogene in human breast carcinoma: Differential expression with histological grading and growth pattern
S. Katayama, T. Nakayama, M. Ito, S. Naito and I. Sekine
pp 119-126
The appearance of myofibroblasts and the disappearance of CD34-positive stromal cells in the area adjacent to xanthogranulomatous foci of chronic cholecystitis
N. Kuroda, L. Guo, E. Miyazaki, T. Hamauzu, M. Toi, M. Hiroi and H. Enzan
pp 127-133
Effect of the arterial hypertension and captopril treatment on the angiotensin II content in the subfornical organ. A study in SHR rats
E.M. Carmona-Calero, H. Perez-Gonzalez, I. Martinez-Peña y Valenzuela, I. Gonzalez-Marrero, C.G. Perez-Garcia, N. Marrero-Gordillo, C. Ormazabal-Ramos, A. Castañeyra-Perdomo and R. Ferres-Torres
pp 135-138


Advances in isolation and characterization of homogeneous cell populations using laser microdissection
S. Mizuarai, K. Takahashi, T. Kobayashi and H. Kotani
pp 139-146
Molecular pathology of low malignant bladder transitional cell carcinoma: a current perspective
H.T. Wang and J.W. Chang
pp 147-153
Characteristics of lymphatic endothelial cells in physiological and pathological conditions
R.C. Ji
pp 155-175
Matrix metalloproteinase stromelysin-3 in development and pathogenesi
L. Wei and Y-B. Shi
pp 177-185
Antigen receptor signaling competence and the determination of B cell fate in B-lymphopoiesis
Z. Keren and D. Melamed
pp 187-196
The role of junctional adhesion molecules in cell-cell interaction
T. Keiper, S. Santoso, P.P. Nawroth, V. Orlova and T. Chavakis
pp 197-203
Reactive oxygen species and the mitochondrial signaling pathway of cell death
M. Le Bras, M.-V. Clément, S. Pervaiz and C. Brenner
pp 205-220
Review of mucinous tubular and spindle-cell carcinoma of the kidney with a focus on clinical and pathobiological aspects
N. Kuroda, M. Toi, M. Hiroi, T. Shuin and H. Enzan
pp 221-224
Gene expression analysis in sections and tissue microarrays of archival tissues by mRNA in situ hybridization
R.T. Henke, A. Maitra, S. Paik and A. Wellstein
pp 225-237
Involvement of the phosphoinositide 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway in the resistance to therapeutic treatments of human leukemias
A.M. Martelli, G. Tabellini, R. Bortul, P.L. Tazzari, A. Cappellini, A.M. Billi and L. Cocco
pp 239-252
Emerging role of gap junctions in epilepsy
V.M. Nemani and D.K. Binder
pp 253-259
Exploring ischemia-induced vascular lesions and potential pharmacological intervention strategies
G. Aliev, M.E. Obrenovich, D. Seyidova and J.C. de la Torre
pp 261-273
Akt signaling and its role in postnatal neovascularization
F.X. Ma and Z.C. Han
pp 275-281
Lymphangiogenesis and its role in cancer
M.A.A. Al-Rawi, R.E. Mansel and W.G. Jiang
pp 283-298
Activating Akt and the brain’s resources to drive cellular survival and prevent inflammatory injury
Z.Z. Chong, F. Li and K. Maiese
pp 299-315
Diagnostic impact of bone marrow histopathology in polycythemia vera (PV)
J. Thiele and H.M. Kvasnicka
pp 317-328
New aspects of the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis: the role of fibroblast-like chondrocytes in late stages of the disease
F. Tesche and N. Miosge
pp 329-337