Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 18, number 4, 2003

High mobility group protein HMGA1 expression in breast cancer reveals a positive correlation with tumour grade
A.M. Flohr, P. Rogalla, U. Bonk, B. Puettmann, H. Buerger, G. Gohla, J. Packeisen, W. Wosniok, S. Loeschke and J. Bullerdiek
Developing follicles of the spotted ray Torpedo marmorata express different glycoside residues in relation to granulosa differentiation and vitelline envelope formation
M. Prisco, L. Ricchiari, R. Uliano, A. Pisacane, A. Liguoro and P. Andreuccetti
pp 1005-1011
Ontogenic attendance of neuropeptides in the embryo chicken retina
J.A. Prada Oliveira, C. Verástegui Escolano, C. Gómez Luy and J. Collantes Ruiz
pp 1013-1026
Planimetric and histological study of the aortae in atherosclerotic chickens treated with nifedipine, verapamil and diltiazem
B. García Pérez, I. Ayala, M.T. Castells, J.F. Madrid, M.R. Ortega, J.V. Ortega, J. Ballesta, J. Fernández Pardo and M. Valdés
pp 1027-1033
Tissue and serum loss of metalloproteinase inhibitors in high grade soft tissue sarcomas
M.S. Benassi, G. Magagnoli, F. Ponticelli, L. Pazzaglia, L. Zanella, G. Gamberi, P. Ragazzini, C. Ferrari, M. Mercuri and P. Picci
pp 1035-1040
Hyperthermia triggers apoptosis and affects cell adhesiveness in human neuroblastoma cells
F. Luchetti, B. Canonico, M. Della Felice, S. Burattini, M. Battistelli, S. Papa and E. Falcieri
pp 1041-1052
3p21, 5q21, 9p21 and 17p13 allelic deletions accumulate in the dysplastic spectrum of laryngeal carcinogenesis and precede malignant transformation
J. Sanz-Ortega, C. Valor, M.C. Saez, L. Ortega, E. Sierra, J. Poch, S. Hernández and J. Sanz-Esponera
pp 1053-1057
Biological behavior of Leishmania (L.) amazonensis isolated from a human diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis in inbred strains of mice
S.M.N. Cupolilo, C.S.F. Souza, A.L. Abreu-Silva, K.S. Calabrese and S.C. Gonçalves da Costa
pp 1059-1065
Immunohistochemical evaluation of versican, in relation to chondroitin sulphate, in canine mammary tumours
I. Erdélyi, D.H.M. Nieskens, J.E. van Dijk, L. Vass and H. Nederbragt
pp 1067-1080
Ultrastructural changes in the lungs of neonatal rats intratracheally inoculated with meconium
J. Martinez-Burnes, A. Lopez, G.M. Wright, W.P. Ireland, D.W. Wadowska and G.V. Dobbin
pp 1081-1094
Distribution of DMT 1 within the human glandular system
R.O. Koch, H. Zoller, I. Theuri, P. Obrist, G. Egg, W. Strohmayer, W. Vogel and G. Weiss
pp 1095-1101
In vitro effects of hormones and autacoids on the activity of acid phosphatase in the lysates of endotoxin-activated rat peritoneal and bronchoalveolar macrophages
D.J. Kondomerkos, S.A. Kalamidas and O.B. Kotoulas
pp 1103-1113
Localization of the calcium channel subunits Cav1.2 (α1C) and Cav2.3 (α1E) in the mouse organ of Corti
N. Waka, M. Knipper and J. Engel
pp 1115-1123
An autometallographic technique for myelin staining in formaldehyde-fixed tissue
M. Larsen, C.R. Bjarkam, M. Stoltenberg, J.C. Sørensen and G. Danscher
pp 1125-1130
Malachite green and phthalocyanine-silver reactions reveal acidic phopholipid involvement in calcification of porcine aortic valves in rat subdermal model
F. Ortolani, L. Petrelli, S.L. Nori, G. Gerosa, M. Spina and M. Marchini
pp 1131-1140
Organogenesis of the digestive tract in the white seabream, Diplodus sargus. Histological and histochemical approaches
J.B. Ortiz-Delgado, M.J. Darias, J.P. Cañavate, M. Yúfera and C. Sarasquete
pp 1141-1154
Therapeutic trials for a rabbit model of EBV-associated Hemophagocytic Syndrome (HPS): Effects of vidarabine or CHOP, and development of Herpesvirus papio (HVP)-negative lymphomas surrounded by HVP-infected lymphoproliferative disease
K. Hayashi, H. Joko, T.R. Koirala, S. Onoda, Z-S. Jin, M. Munemasa, N. Ohara, W. Oda, T. Tanaka, T. Oka, E. Kondo, T. Yoshino, K. Takahashi, M. Yamada and T. Akagi
pp 1155-1168
Lymph node hyalinization in elderly Japanese
I. Taniguchi, G. Murakami, A. Sato, D. Fujiwara, H. Ichikawa, T. Yajima and G. Kohama
pp 1169-1180
Co-expression of trypsin and tumour-associated trypsin inhibitor (TATI) in colorectal adenocarcinomas
S. Solakidi, D.G. Tiniakos, K. Petraki, G.P. Stathopoulos, I. Markaki, G. Androulakis and C.E. Sekeris
pp 1181-1188


C-reactive protein and atherosclerosis. Is there a causal link?
D.E. Manolov, W. Koenig, V. Hombach and J. Torzewski
pp 1189-1193
Alternate costimulatory molecules in T cell activation: differential mechanisms for directing the immune response
J.E. Kohlmeier and S.H. Benedict
pp 1195-1204
Role of Müller glia in neuroprotection and regeneration in the retina
M. García and E. Vecino
pp 1205-1218
Expression of neuropeptides and their receptors in the developing retina of mammals
P. Bagnoli, M. Dal Monte and G. Casini
pp 1219-1242
Muscle injuries and repair: The role of prostaglandins and inflammation
V. Prisk and J. Huard
pp 1243-1256
α-synuclein: between synaptic function and dysfunction
G. Di Rosa, D. Puzzo, A. Sant'Angelo, F. Trinchese and O. Arancio
pp 1257-1266
Tissue remodelling in liver diseases
G. Giannelli, V. Quaranta and S. Antonaci
pp 1267-1274
Progranulin (Granulin-epithelin precursor, PC-cell derived growth factor, Acrogranin) in proliferation and tumorigenesis
C.H.P. Ong and A. Bateman
pp 1275-1288
Assessment of cumulated genetic alterations in colorectal cancer
R.A. Risques, M. Ribas and M.A. Peinado
pp 1289-1299
Nuclear protein kinase C isoforms: key players in multiple cell functions?
A.M. Martelli, I. Faenza, A.M. Billi, F. Falà, L. Cocco and L. Manzoli
pp 1301-1312
A mutation in protein phosphatase type 2A as a cause of melanoma progression
A. Ito, Y.-I. Koma and K. Watabe
pp 1313-1319
IGSF4: a new intercellular adhesion molecule that is called by three names, TSLC1, SgIGSF and SynCAM, by virtue of its diverse function
K. Watabe, A. Ito, Y.-I. Koma and Y. Kitamura
pp 1321-1329