Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 18, number 2, 2003

Day-night changes in plasma melatonin levels, synaptophysin expression and ultrastructural properties of pinealocytes in developing female sheep under natural long and short photoperiods
E. Redondo, S. Regodón, A. Franco, J. Masot, A. Gázquez and D.P. Cardinali
β1-integrins co-localize with Na, K-ATPase, epithelial sodium channels (ENaC) and voltage activated calcium channels (VACC) in mechanoreceptor complexes of mouse limb-bud chondrocytes
M. Shakibaei and A. Mobasheri
pp 343-351
Proliferative activity of well differentiated neuroendocrine tumours of the gut
M.E. Zimmermann and F.T. Bosman
pp 353-358
Altered Cx43 expression during myocardial adaptation to acute and chronic volume overloading
L. Formigli, L. Ibba-Manneschi, A.M. Perna, A. Pacini, L. Polidori, C. Nediani, P.A. Modesti, D. Nosi, A. Tani, A. Celli, G.G. Neri-Serneri, F. Quercioli and S. Zecchi-Orlandini
pp 359-369
In situ visualization of o-phthalate esters in gastrointestinal tract of the frog Rana esculenta
G. Menghi, L. Marchetti, M.G. Sabbieti, M. Menghi and S. Materazzi
pp 371-377
Effects of the proapoptotic drug prodigiosin on cell cycle-related proteins in Jurkat T cells
R. Pérez-Tomás and B. Montaner
pp 379-385
Hydroxyurea(HU)-induced apoptosis in the mouse fetal tissues
G.H. Woo, K. Katayama, J.Y. Jung, K. Uetsuka, E.J. Bak, H. Nakayama and K. Doi
pp 387-392
Distinctive expression of STAT3 in papillary thyroid carcinomas and a subset of follicular adenomas
M. Trovato, M. Grosso, E. Vitarelli, R.M. Ruggeri, S. Alesci, F. Trimarchi, G. Barresi and S. Benvenga
pp 393-399
Prognostic significance of metallothionein expression in correlation with Ki-67 expression in adenocarcinomas of large intestine
P. Dziegiel, J. Forgacz, E. Suder, P. Surowiak, J. Kornafel and M. Zabel
pp 401-407
Peptidergic innervation in the rat carotid body after 2, 4, and 8 weeks of hypocapnic hypoxic exposure
T. Kusakabe, H. Hirakawa, H. Matsuda, T. Kawakami, T. Takenaka and Y. Hayashida
pp 409-418
Postnatal differentiation of the immunohistochemical expression of aromatase P450 in the rat pituitary gland
J. Carretero, G. Vázquez, M. Rubio, E. Blanco, J.A. Juanes, E. Pérez, D. Burks and R. Vázquez
pp 419-423
Preferential expression of cystein-rich secretory protein-3 (CRISP-3) in chronic pancreatitis
Q. Liao, J. Kleeff, Y. Xiao, A. Guweidhi, A. Schambony, E. Töpfer-Petersen, A. Zimmermann, M.W. Büchler and H. Friess
pp 425-433
Antitumor effect of intratumoral administration of dendritic cell combination with vincristine chemotherapy in a murine fibrosarcoma model
J.Y. Shin, S.K. Lee, C.D. Kang, J.S. Chung, E.Y. Lee, S.Y. Seo, S.Y. Lee, S.Y. Baek, B.S. Kim, J.B. Kim and S. Yoon
pp 435-447
Expression of cyclin D3 and cyclin E and identification of distinct clusters of proliferation and apoptosis in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas
M. Bai, E. Tsanou, N.J. Agnantis, A. Chaidos, D. Dimou, A. Skyrlas, S. Dimou, M. Vlychou, V. Galani and P. Kanavaros
pp 449-457
Astrogliosis in different zones of the spinal cord gray matter after sciatic nerve axotomy in the newborn rat: A morphometric and immunohistochemical study
T. Tiraihi and N. Masoudian
pp 459-465
65Zn uptake in the rat cerebellum and brainstem
A. Vera-Gil, M.C. Pérez-Castejón, M. Lahoz, J. Aisa, M.P. Recreo, P. Serrano and N. Pes
pp 467-473
In vitro acute toxicity of anionic surfactant linear alkylbenzene sulphonate (LAS) on the motility of gilthead (Sparus aurata L.) sperm
M. Rosety, F.J. Ordoñez, M. Rosety-Rodríguez, J.M. Rosety and I. Rosety
pp 475-478
Autofluorescence spectroscopy of malpighian epithelial cells, as a new tool for analysis of cervical cancer precursors
C. Millot, P. Bondza-Kibangou, J.-M. Millot, A. Lallemand and M. Manfait
pp 479-485


Review of papillary renal cell carcinoma with focus on clinical and pathobiological aspects
N. Kuroda, M. Toi, M. Hiroi and H. Enzan
pp 487-494
Suicide gene therapy with Herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase and ganciclovir is enhanced with connexins to improve gap junctions and bystander effects
T.W. Nicholas, S.B. Read, F.J. Burrows and C.A. Kruse
pp 495-507
Ubiquitinated inclusions and neuronal cell death
I. Lang-Rollin, H. Rideout and L. Stefanis
pp 509-517
Selection events in directing B cell development
J. Seagal and D. Melamed
pp 519-527
Aberrant PAX3 and PAX7 expression. A link to the metastatic potential of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma and cutaneous malignant melanoma?
J. Blake and M.R. Ziman
pp 529-539
SV40 early region oncoproteins and human cell transformation
W. Chen and W.C. Hahn
pp 541-550
Review of sarcomatoid renal cell carcinoma with focus on clinical and pathobiological aspects
N. Kuroda, M. Toi, M. Hiroi and H. Enzan
pp 551-555
Dynamics of lineage-restricted mixed chimerism following sex-mismatched allogeneic bone marrow transformation
J. Thiele, C. Wickenhauser, H.M. Kvasnicka, E. Varus, D.W. Beelen and U.W. Schaefer
pp 557-574
Sympathetic sprouting in dorsal root ganglia (DRG): A recent histological finding?
E. García-Poblete, H. Fernández-García, E. Moro-Rodríguez, M. Catalá-Rodríguez, M.L. Rico-Morales, S. García-Gómez-de-las-Heras and M.A. Palomar-Gallego
pp 575-586
Leukotriene synthesis by epithelial cells
M. Luo, S. Lee and T.G. Brock
pp 587-595
Apocrine secretory mechanism: Recent findings and unresolved problems
A.P. Gesase and Y. Satoh
pp 597-608
Use of laser scanning cytometry to study tumor microenvironment
S. Mocellin, E. Wang, M. Panelli, C.R. Rossi and F-M. Marincola
pp 609-615
Structure and molecular organization of dendritic spines
A. Tashiro and R. Yuste
pp 617-634
TrkB receptor signaling and activity-dependent inhibitory synaptogenesis
F.J. Seil
pp 635-646
The pathological basis of myocardial hibernation
N.G. Frangogiannis
pp 647-655
Pathogenetic mechanisms of nuclear pleomorphism of tumour cells based on the mutator phenotype theory of carcinogenesis
L.P. Bignold
pp 657-664
Epigenetic inactivation of the Ras-association domain family 1 (RASSF1A) gene and its function in human carcinogenesis
R. Dammann, U. Schagdarsurengin, M. Strunnikova, M. Rastetter, C. Seidel, L. Liu, S. Tommasi and G.P. Pfeifer
pp 665-677