Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 18, number 1, 2003

Case report: esophageal collision tumor (oat cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma) in Barrett's esophagus: immunohistochemical, electron microscopy and LOH analysis
L.M. González, J. Sanz-Esponera, C. Saez, T. Alvarez, E. Sierra and J. Sanz-Ortega
pp 1-5
Postnatal development of female sheep pineal gland under natural inhibitory photoperiods: an immunocytochemical and physiological (melatonin concentration) study
E. Redondo, S. Regodon, J. Masot, A. Gázquez and A. Franco
pp 7-17
Morphological hysteresis of the small airways
J.D. Escolar, M.A. Escolar, J. Guzmán and M. Roqués
pp 19-26
Dynamic assembly of tight junction-associated proteins ZO-1, ZO-2, ZO-3 and occludin during tooth development
F.J. Unda, G. Pérez-Nanclares, V. Le Morvan, C. Hernández, A. Vilaxa, M. De-la-Fuente and P. Gorry
pp 27-38
A COX-2 inhibitor, nimesulide, inhibits chemically-induced rat tongue carcinogenesis through suppression of cell proliferation activity and COX-2 and iNOS expression
K. Yoshida, T. Tanaka, H. Kohno, K. Sakata, T. Kawamori, H. Mori and K. Wakabayashi
pp 39-48
Styrene hepatotoxicity in rats treated by inhalation or intraperitoneally: a structural investigation
P. De Piceis Polver, C. Fenoglio, R. Nano, T. Coccini, V. Bertone, R. Vaccarone and G. Gerzeli
pp 49-54
In vitro effects of hormones and autacoids on the hydrogen peroxide production and the morphology of endotoxin-activated rat peritoneal macrophages
D.J. Kondomerkos, S.A. Kalamidas and O.B. Kotoulas
pp 55-65
Mitosin, a novel marker of cell proliferation and early recurrence in intracranial meningiomas
A.E. Konstantinidou, P. Korkolopoulou, N. Kavantzas, H. Mahera, I. Thymara, X. Kotsiakis, M. Perdiki, E. Patsouris and P. Davaris
pp 67-74
The immunohistochemical expression of metallothionein in inflammatory bowel disease. Correlation with HLA-DR antigen expression, lymphocyte subpopulations and proliferation-associated indices
E. Ioachim, M. Michael, C. Katsanos, A. Demou and E.V. Tsianos
pp 75-82
Expression of c-fos and c-jun protooncogenes in the uteri of immature mice neonatally exposed to diethylstilbestrol
S. Yamashita, A. Takayanagi and N. Shimizu
pp 83-92
Diagnostic differentiation of essential thrombocythaemia from thrombocythaemias associated with chronic idiopathic myelofibrosis by discrimanate analysis of bone marrow features - a clinicopathological study of 272 patients
J. Thiele and H.M. Kvasnicka
pp 93-102
A comparison between double and triple therapies of octreotide, galanin and serotonin on a rat colon carcinoma
B. Sitohy and M. El-Salhy
pp 103-110
Scanning electron microscopic examinations on retarded bone defect healing in spontaneously diabetic BB/O(ttawa)K(arlsburg) rats
N. Follak, I. Klöting, D. Ganzer and H. Merk
pp 111-120
Distinct expression of calnexin in major human salivary glands
N. Gassler, J. Bohn, M. Schnölzer, J. Scheuerer, N. Obermüller, H.F. Otto and F. Autschbach
pp 121-127
Immunohistochemical localization of truncated midkine in developing human bile ducts
M. Kato, T. Shinozawa, S. Kato and T. Terada
pp 129-134
Immunohistochemical localization of human fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase in subcellular structures of myocytes
A. Gizak, D. Rakus and A. Dzugaj
pp 135-142
Expression of retinoblastoma gene product in respiratory epithelium and sinonasal neoplasms: relatioship with p16 and cyclin D1 expression
M.J. Schwerer, A. Sailer, K. Kraft, K. Baczako and H. Maier
pp 143-151
Angiogenesis after sintered bone implantation in rat parietal bone
S. Ohtsubo, M. Matsuda and M. Takekawa
pp 153-163


Review of chromophobe renal cell carcinoma with focus on clinical and pathobiological aspects
N. Kuroda, M. Toi, M. Hiroi and H. Enzan
pp 165-171
Metabotropic glutamate receptors promote neuronal and vascular plasticity through novel intracellular pathways
Z.Z. Chong, J.Q. Kang and K. Maiese
pp 173-189
Murine embryonic stem cell in vitro differentiation: applications to the study of vascular development
O. Feraud and D. Vittet
pp 191-199
Modeling human breast cancer metastasis in mice: maspin as a paradigm
H.Y. Shi, W. Zhang, R. Liang, F. Kittrell, N.S. Templeton, D. Medina and M. Zhang
pp 201-206
Molecular biology of glioma tumorigenesis
M.L. Ware, M.S. Berger and D.K. Binder
pp 207-216
Exploring the connection between chronic renal fibrosis and bone morphogenic protein-7
R. Kalluri and M. Zeisberg
pp 217-224
Human syndromes with genomic instability and multiprotein machines that repair DNA double-strand breaks
C. De la Torre, J. Pincheira and J.F. López-Sáez
pp 225-243
PTTG and cancer
T. Hamid and S.S. Kakar
pp 245-251
Review of metanephric adenoma of the kidney with focus on clinical and pathobiological aspects
N. Kuroda, M. Toi, M. Hiroi and H. Enzan
pp 253-257
Molecular pathogenesis of urothelial bladder cancer
D. Theodorescu
pp 259-274
Molecular therapeutics in prostate cancer
B. Nicholson and D. Theodorescu
pp 275-298
Expression and induction of anaphylatoxin C5a receptors in the rat liver
G. Schlaf, M. Schmitz, E. Rothermel, K. Jungermann, H.L. Schieferdecker and O. Götze
pp 299-308
Fate and functions of human adult lymphoid cells in immunodeficient mice
V. Vallet, J. Cherpillod, F. Waridel and M.A. Duchosal
pp 309-322
Role of chromatin disruption and histone acetylation in thyroid hormone receptor action: implications in the regulation of HIV-1 LTR
S.C.V. Hsia, A. Tomita, K. Obata, B. Paul, D. Buchholz and Y.-B. Shi
pp 323-331