Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 15, number 2, 2000

Cellular compartmentation of lysozyme and α-amylase in the mouse salivary glands. Immunogold approaches at light and electron microscopy level
L. Marchetti, M.G. Gabrielli, G. Materazzi and G. Menghi
pp 337-346
Duodenal endocrine cells in mice with particular regard to age-induced changes
O. Sandström and M. El-Salhy
pp 347-353
A morphological study of the brain of Solea senegalensis. I. The telencephalon
F.J. Rodríguez-Gómez, C. Sarasquete and J.A. Muñoz-Cueto
pp 355-364
Expression of c-kit and kit-ligand in benign and malignant prostatic tissues
R. Simak, P. Capodieci, D.W. Cohen, W.R. Fair, H. Scher, J. Melamed, M. Drobnjak, W.D. Heston, U. Stix, G. Steiner and C. Cordon-Cardo
pp 365-374
Morphological changes to somatotroph cells and in vitro individual GH release, in male rats treated with recombinant human
L. Jiménez-Reina, R. Cañete, T. Cepeda and G. Bernal
pp 375-383
Histochemical study of apoptotic epithelial cells depending on testosterone in primary cultured rat prostatic tissues
T. Furuya, M. Kubo, A. Ueno, Y. Fujii, T. Baba and S. Ohno
pp 385-394
Characterization of inflammatory reaction in upper airways of cystic fibrosis patients
E. Lesprit, E. Escudier, G. Roger, V. Prulière, G. Lenoir, Ph. Reinert and A. Coste
pp 395-402
The morphology of mesangial cells cultured at high density and in collagen gels
S. Maile, B. Zimmermann, M. Ketteler and H.-J. Merker
pp 403-414
Neonatal treatment witn monosodium glutamate (MSG): structure of the TSH-immunoreactive pituitary cells
B. Miskowiak and M. Partyka
pp 415-419
Transforming growth factor-β1 gene and protein expression associated with atherogenesis of cholesterol-fed rabbits
Y.-L. Chen, H.-W. Wu and M.J. Jiang
pp 421-428
Ultrastructural features of the gut in the white sturgeon, Acipenser transmontanus
G. Radaelli, C. Domeneghini, S. Arrighi, M. Francolini and F. Mascarello
pp 429-439
Prolonged kallikrein inhibition does not affect the basal growth and secretory capacity of rat adrenal cortex, but enhances mineralo- and glucocorticoid response to ACTH and handling stress
P. Rebuffat, G. Neri, M. Bahçelioglu, L.K. Malendowicz and G.G. Nussdorfer
pp 441-444
Expression of p53, p21/waf1, bcl-2, bax, Rb and Ki67 proteins in Hodgkin's lymphomas
P. Kanavaros, K. Stefanaki, J. Vlachonikolis, G. Eliopoulos, S. Kakolyris, D. Rontogianni, V. Gorgoulis and V. Georgoulias
pp 445-453
Comparative study of tumor angiogenesis and immunohistochemistry for p53, c-ErbB2, c-myc and EGFr as prognostic factors in gastric cancer
J. Sanz-Ortega, S.M. Steinberg, E. Moro, M. Saez, J.A. Lopez, E. Sierra, J. Sanz-Esponera and M.J. Merino
pp 455-462
Foreign serum-induced bile duct lesion (BDL) in athymic BALB/c nude mice
K. Honjo and K. Doi
pp 463-467
Effects of ethanol on the ultrastructure of the hamster thyroid C-cell
H. Chen, D. Hayakawa, S. Emura, A. Tamada, Y. Ozawa, H. Taguchi, R. Yano and S. Shoumura
pp 469-474
Cellular localization of fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF-2) in benign prostatic hyperplasia
L. Temmim-Baker, W. Amselgruber and J. Plendl
pp 475-481
A case study of ligation induced calcification in middle cerebral artery in rat
M.T. Tseng, S.-A. Chan and S.Z. Guo
pp 483-486
Brush-like cells within bronchial epithelia of chicken lung (Gallus gallus)
J. López, N. Cuesta and M.A. Burrel
pp 487-491
Intraepidermal free nerve fiber endings in the hairless skin of the rat as revealed by the zinc iodide-osmium tetroxide technique
T. Müller
pp 493-498
Mineralization of human premolar occlusal fissures. A quantitative histochemical microanalysis
A. Campos, I.A. Rodriguez, M.C. Sánchez-Quevedo, J.M. García, O.H. Nieto-Albano and M.E. Gómez de Ferraris
pp 499-502
Characterization of ligands for galectins, natural galactoside-binding immunoglobulin G subfractions and sarcolectin and also of the expression of calcyclin in thyroid lesions
N. Nagy, C. Decaestecker, X. Dong, H. Kaltner, M.-P. Schüring, P. Rocmans, A. Danguy, H.-J. Gabius, R. Kiss and I. Salmon
pp 503-513


Freeze-fracture cytochemistry: a new fracture-labeling method for topological analysis of biomembrane molecules
T. Takizawa and J.M. Robinson
pp 515-522
Interferons and cell growth control
D.V. Kalvakolanu
pp 523-537
Linkage between cell membrane proteins and actin-based cytoskeleton: the cytoskeletal-driven cellular functions
S. Fais, F. Luciani, M. Logozzi, S. Parlato and F. Lozupone
pp 539-549
Gain of function properties of mutant p53 proteins at the mitotic spindle cell cycle checkpoint
M.L. Hixon, A. Flores, M. Wagner and A. Gualberto
pp 551-556
Vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in the pathogenesis of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases
A. Rivard and V. Andrés
pp 557-571
Memory B cells and DE27
K. Agematsu
pp 573-576
Tenascin in the developing and adult human intestine
I. Bélanger and J-F. Beaulieu
pp 577-585
Abnormal distribution of CD45 isoforms expressed by CD4+ and CD8+ T cells in rheumatoid arthritis
A. Mamoune, V. Durand, P. Le Goff, Y.-L. Pennec, P. Youinou and R. Le Corre
pp 587-591
Schwann cell extracellular matrix molecules and their receptors
M.A. Chernousov and D.J. Carey
pp 593-601
Id genes in nervous system development
P.J. Andres-Barquin, M.-C. Hernandez and M.A. Israel
pp 603-618
Pathophysiology of primary hyperparathyroidism
P. Hellman, T. Carling, L. Rask and G. Åkerström
pp 619-627
Are hyaluronan receptors involved in three-dimensional cell migration?
V. Nehls and W. Hayen
pp 629-636
Melatonin, experimental basis for a possible application in breast cancer prevention and treatment
S. Cos and E.J. Sánchez-Barceló
pp 637-647
Skeletal muscle development in the mouse embryo
B. Kablar and M.A. Rudnicki
pp 649-656
Role of diffusible and transcription factors in inner ear development: implications in regeneration
L.M. Frago, G. Camarero, S. Cañón, C. Pañeda, C. Sanz, Y. Leon, F. Giraldez and I. Varela-Nieto
pp 657-666