Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 14, number 1, 1999

Epigenetic modulation of differentiation in CE44 teratocarcinoma
A. Alvarez, J. Lacalle, M. García-Sanz, J. Simón, J. Aréchaga and E. Hilario
pp 1-9
Development of immune complex trapping: experimental study of lymphoid follicles and germinal centers newly induced by exogenous stimulants in mouse popliteal lymph nodes
K. Horie, D. Chen and H. Hoshi
pp 11-21
The degradation of glycogen in the lysosomes of newborn rat hepatocytes: glycogen-, maltose- and isomaltose-hydrolyzing acid alpha glucosidase activities in liver
S.A. Kalamidas and O.B. Kotoulas
pp 23-30
Age-related changes in antral endocrine cells in mice
O. Sandström, J. Mahdavi and M. El-Salhy
pp 31-36
Bcl-2 protein expression and gut neurohormonal polypeptide/amine production in colorectal carcinomas and tumor-neighboring mucosa, which closely correlate to the occurrence of tumor
T. Ohmori, S. Asahi, C. Sato, F. Maki, A. Masumoto and K. Okada
pp 37-44
Effect of hypertension and captopril treatment on the vasopressin in the rat median eminence and posterior lobe of the hypophysis. An immunohistochemical study
A. Castañeyra-Perdomo, M. del M. Pérez-Delgado, E. Carmona-Calero, H. Pérez González, N. Marrero-Gordillo and R. Ferres-Torres
pp 45-49
Immunohistochemical demonstration of metallothionein in benign and malignant canine mammary tumours
I.C. Fuentealba and J.E. Mullins
pp 51-61
Effect of neonatal treatment with MSG (Monosodium glutamate) on thyroid of the adult male rats
B. Miskowiak and M. Partyka
pp 63-67
Gold chloride technique to study articular innervation. A protocol validated through computer-assisted colorimetry
E. Gómez-Barrena, E. Martínez-Moreno, R. Ballesteros Massó, D. Martínez Pérez and L. Munuera Martínez
pp 69-79
Angiogenesis and expression of tenascin after transmural laser revascularization
N. Gassler, F. Rastar and M.W. Hentz
pp 81-87
Radial glia and cell debris removal during lesion-regeneration of the lizard medial cortex
J. Nacher, C. Ramírez, J.J. Palop, A. Molowny, J.A. Luis de la Iglesia and C. López-García
pp 89-101
Microglial cells during the lesion-regeneration of the lizard medial cortex
J. Nacher, C. Ramírez, J.J. Palop, P. Artal, A. Molowny and C. López-García
pp 103-117
Selective nuclear morphometry as a prognostic factor of survival in renal cell carcinoma
J.M. Monge, J.F. Val-Bernal, L. Buelta, L. García-Castrillo and L. Asensio
pp 119-123
Etoposide sensitivity of human prostatic cancer cell lines PC-3, DU 145 and LNCaP
M. Salido, J. Larrán, A. López, J. Vilches and J. Aparicio
pp 125-134
Development of follicular dendritic cells: A study using short-term bone marrow cell grafting in SCID mice
M. Yamakawa, Y. Imai, M. Dobashi and T. Kasajima
pp 135-142
Possible involvement of DNA methylation in 5-azacytidine-induced neuronal cell apoptosis
H. Nakayama, S. Kajikawa, J. Shinozuka, W-P. Su and K. Doi
pp 143-150
Antigen retrieval on epoxy sections based on tissue infiltration with a moderately increased amount of accelerator to detect immune complex deposits in glomerular tissue
S.-H. Brorson, T. Andersen, S. Haug, I. Kristiansen, A. Risstubben, H. Tchou and J. Ulstein
pp 151-155
The enhancing effect of excess retinol palmitate on induction of odontogenic tumors and inhibitory effect on squamous cell carcinoma of the gingiva in hamsters treated with N-methylnitrosourea
T. Kohgo, F. Mezawa, T. Iizuka and M. Shindoh
pp 157-163
Lectinhistochemistry and ultrastructure of microglial response to monosodium glutamate-mediated neurotoxicity in the arcuate nucleus
B. Peláez, J.L. Blázquez, F.E. Pastor, A. Sánchez and P. Amat
pp 165-174


Molecular and cellular basis of tissue remodeling during amphibian metamorphosis
Y. Su, S. Damjanovski, Y. Shi and Y.-B. Shi
pp 175-183
Cytokines and pulmonary inflammatory and immune diseases
Z. Xing, M. Jordana, J. Gauldie and J. Wang
pp 185-201
Systematic review and meta-analysis in anatomic pathology: the value of nuclear DNA content in predicting progression in low grade CIN, the significance of the histological subtype on prognosis in cervical carcinoma
M.K. Heatley
pp 203-215
The use of the lectin Helix pomatia agglutinin (HPA) as a prognostic indicator and as a tool in cancer research
B.S. Mitchell and U. Schumacher
pp 217-226
Proteinase-antiproteinase imbalance in the pathogenesis of Emphysema: The role of metalloproteinases in lung damage
A. Pardo and M. Selman
pp 227-233
New insights into the function of noncoding RNA and its potential role in disease pathogenesis
D.S. Askew and F. Xu
pp 235-241
Nitric oxide synthase in skeletal muscle fibers: a signaling component of the dystrophin-glycoprotein complex
Z. Grozdanovic and H.G. Baumgarten
pp 243-256
Epithelial integrity, cell death and cell loss in mammalian small intestine
T.M. Mayhew, R. Myklebust, A. Whybrow and R. Jenkins
pp 257-267
Molecular genetics of ovarian carcinomas
J. Diebold
pp 269-277
Clinical applications of detecting dysfunctional p53 tumor suppressor protein
I.O. Baas, R.H. Hruban and G.J.A. Offerhaus
pp 279-284
Thrombospondin-1, PECAM-1, and regulation of angiogenesis
N. Sheibani and W.A. Frazier
pp 285-294
Activin: A novel player in tissue repair processes
G. Hübner, C. Alzheimer and S. Werner
pp 295-304
Intracellular cholesterol trafficking
D. Sviridov
pp 305-319
Lipid signaling and cell responses at the nuclear level
L.M. Neri, S. Capitani, P. Borgatti and A.M. Martelli
pp 321-335