Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 13, number 4, 1998

Paravertebral muscles in experimental scoliosis: a light and electron microscopic study
M. Garrosa, J.R. Fernández-Mariño, M.J. Gayoso, M.J. Tomey, A. Al-Majdalawi and L.P. Rodríguez
pp 927-937
Different putative neuromodulators are present in the nerves which distribute to the teleost skeletal muscle
G. Radaelli, C. Domeneghini, S. Arrighi, F. Mascarello and A. Veggetti
pp 939-947
The synaptic process in Locusta migratoria spermatocytes by synaptonemal complex analysis
J. Molina, I. Martínez-Flores, C. Templado, M. García and J. Egozcue
pp 949-954
Modifications in the distribution of met-enkephalin in the cat spinal cord after administration of clonidine. An immunocytochemical study
J. Vázquez, R. Coveñas, M. Muñoz, J.A. García and A. Victoria
pp 955-959
Peanut lectin-binding sites and mucins in benign and malignant colorectal tissues associated with schistomatosis
M. Lin, J. Hanai and L. Gui
pp 961-966
Localization of thrombospondin-1 and its cysteine-serine-valine-threonine-cysteine-glycine receptor in colonic anastomotic healing tissue
J.J. Roth, M.A. Buckmire, R.H. Rolandelli, M.S. Granick and G.P. Tuszynski
pp 967-971
Ultrastructure of the parathyroid gland of the young golden hamster after short-term treatment with ethanol
H. Chen, D. Hayakawa, S. Emura, A. Tamada, M. Jamali, T. Yamahira, K. Yoshida-Terasawa, H. Isono and S. Shoumura
pp 973-979
Morphological and morphometrical study on the dorsal skin of Wistar and WBN/ILA-Ht rats in their developing stage. Evaluation of the proliferation and apoptotic processes
S. Iwamoto, H. Nakayama and K. Doi
pp 981-988
Myenteric plexus in the gastrointestinal tract of non-obese diabetic mice
A. Spångéus and M. El-Salhy
pp 989-994
Characterisation of cytotrophoblastic-like cells present in subinvolutioned placental sites of the bitch
P.E. Fernández, E.L. Portiansky, C.G. Barbeito and E.J. Gimeno
pp 995-1000
Quantitative detection of anionic sites in rat femoral cartilage using cationic colloidal gold at low pH levels
H. Ueda, Y. Kato and S. Ohno
pp 1001-1009
Colocalization of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and nitric oxide-synthase immunoreactivity in mast cell granules of nasal mucosa
S. Bacci, L. Rucci, R. Riccardi-Arbi and M.B. Borghi-Cirri
pp 1011-1014
Effects of a-isoproterenol on denervation atrophy in orbicularis oculi muscle fibers
K. Ishii, K. Sowa, W.G. Zhai and M. Akita
pp 1015-1018
Methylene blue supravital staining: an evaluation of its applicability to the mammalian brain and pineal gland
T. Müller
pp 1019-1026
The effects of cyclophosphamide on pulmonary thrombopoiesis in rats
M. Sulkowski, M. Sulkowska and B. Musiatowicz
pp 1027-1036
Retinal and lenticular ultrastructure in the aestivating salamanderfish, Lepidogalaxias salamandroides (Lepidogalaxiidae, Teleostei) with special reference to a new type of photoreceptor mosaic
S.P. Collin and H.B. Collin
pp 1037-1048
Immunolocalization of regulatory peptides and 5-HT in bovine male urogenital apparatus
S. Arrighi and C. Domeneghini
pp 1049-1059
The effect of thymic inoculation to induce tolerance of allogeneic thyroid grafts in the outbred rabbit
M.G. Torchia, R.M. Aitken and A. Thliveris
pp 1061-1068


The nature and implication of intestinal endocrine cell changes in coeliac disease
M. El-Salhy
pp 1069-1075
Analytical histopathological diagnosis of small hepatocellular nodules in chronic liver diseases
Y. Nakanuma, K. Hirata, S. Terasaki, K. Ueda and O. Matsui
pp 1077-1087
Do adhesion molecules importantly regulate leukocyte kinetics within intraacinar microvessels of the lung?
K. Yamaguchi, K. Nishio, T. Aoki, Y. Suzuki, N. Sato, K. Naoki, K. Takeshita and H. Kudo
pp 1089-1102
Otoconia biogenesis, phylogeny, composition and functional attributes
C.D. Fermin, D. Lychakov, A. Campos, H. Hara, E. Sondag, T. Jones, S. Jones, M. Taylor, G. Meza-Ruiz and D.S. Martin
pp 1103-1154
Morphological changes associated with long-term potentiation
N. Agnihotri, J.-C. López-García, R.D. Hawkins and O. Arancio
pp 1155-1162
Distribution of central catecholaminergic neurons: a comparison between ungulates, humans and other species
Y. Tillet and K. Kitahama
pp 1163-1177
(6-4) Photolyase: Light-dependent repair of DNA damage
X. Zhao and D. Mu
pp 1179-1182
Cyclosporin A-induced changes of the thymic microenvironment. A review of morphological
N.M. Milicevic and Z. Milicevic
pp 1183-1196
Cell proliferation and cancer
J.F. López-Sáez, C. de la Torre, J. Pincheira and G. Giménez-Martín
pp 1197-1214
Insulin receptors and signal transduction proteins in the hypothalamo-hypophyseal system: a review on morphological findings and functional implications
J.W. Unger and M. Betz
pp 1215-1224
Molecular changes in human melanoma metastasis
M.R. Luca and M. Bar-Eli
pp 1225-1231
Expression of differentiation-related genes in colo-rectal cancer: possible implications for prognosis
N. van Belzen, W.N.M. Dinjens, B.H.J. Eussen and F.T. Bosman
pp 1233-1242
Nitric oxide in the stress axis
M.O. López-Figueroa, H.E.W. Day, H. Akil and S.J. Watson
pp 1243-1252