Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 13, number 3, 1998

Cytotoxicity of Kuwait weathered lake crude oil on rat hepatocytes: a histological and ultrastructural study
A-M. Safer, R. Meakins, L. Akbar and K. Abou-Salem
pp 599-610
Effects of alcohol and aging on the cingular (area 24) and frontal (area 6) cortical areas of the mouse
N. Marrero-Gordillo, M.M. Pérez-Delgado, E. Carmona-Calero, H. Pérez-González, R. Ferres-Torres and A. Castañeyra-Perdomo
pp 611-617
Modifications in the distribution of met-enkephalin in the pons of the cat, following the intravenous administration of clonidine: An immunocytochemical experimental study
J. Vázquez, M. Muñoz and J.C. García
pp 619-626
Immunohistochemical detection of metallothionein in liver, duodenum and kidney after dietary copper-overload in rats
J.E. Mullins and I.C. Fuentealba
pp 627-633
A three-dimensional study of human fetal endocervix with special reference to its epithelium
F. Barberini, S. Makabe and P.M. Motta
pp 635-645
Ultrastructural study of the clearance of intracerebrally infused native and modified albumin-gold complexes
D.H. Dobrogowska, A.S. Lossinsky and A.W. Vorbrodt
pp 647-656
Liver cell dysplasia: reactivities for c-met protein, Rb protein, E-cadherin and transforming growth factor-β1 in comparison with hepatocellular carcinoma
M. Zhao and A. Zimmermann
pp 657-670
Distribution and expression of mRNAs for the proto-oncogenes c-fos and c-jun in bone cells in vivo
M. Oyama, J. Chiba, Y. Kato, N. Igarashi, M. Yoshida, M. Ishigami, S. Sugawara and M. Kobayashi
pp 671-678
Effects of octreotide on propylotiouracil-induced goiter in rats: a quantitative evaluation
M. Pawlikowski, K. Zieliński, D. Slowińska-Klencka and M. Klencki
pp 679-682
Glutamate-like immunoreactivity in axon terminals from the olfactory bulb to the piriform cortex
L. Hennequet, J. Gondra, J. Sendino and F. Ortega
pp 683-687
Diapedesis of thrombocytes from capillary into the intercellular space of interscapular brown adipose tissue and their increase by Ca-Sandoz
J. Radovanovic, A. Korac, V. Koko, M. Nedeljkovic and N. Drndarevic
pp 689-695
Cellular proliferation in the rat pineal gland during postnatal development
J.C. Carvajal, S. Carbajo, M.B. Gómez Esteban, A.J. Alvarez-Morujo Suárez and L. Muñoz Barragán
pp 697-701
Hepatic alterations and induction of micronuclei in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) exposed to a textile industry effluent
M.J. Marlasca, C. Sanpera, M.C. Riva, R. Sala and S. Crespo
pp 703-712
Ultrastructural pathology of the bone marrow in pigs inoculated with a moderately virulent strain (DR'78) of African swine fever virus
M.J. Bautista, J.C. Gómez-Villamandos, L. Carrasco, E. Ruíz-Villamor, F.J. Salguero and M.A. Sierra
pp 713-720
Endothelin-1 enhances thymocyte proliferation in monolaterally adrenalectomized rats with contralateral adrenocortical regeneration
L.K. Malendowicz, V. Macchi, R. Brelinska, M. Trejer, G. Gottardo and G.G. Nussdorfer
pp 721-725
Histochemical study of skin and gills of Senegal sole, Solea senegalensis larvae and adults
C. Sarasquete, M.L. González de Canales, J. Arellano, J.A. Muñoz-Cueto, L. Ribeiro and M.T. Dinis
pp 727-735
Lectin binding in the human endometrium in early luteal phase following controlled ovarian hyperstimulation
G. Gheri, S. Gheri Bryk, G. Taddei, P. Borri and I. Noci
pp 737-742
Apoptosis in adenoma and early adenocarcinoma of the colon
T. Yamamoto, N. Igarashi, Y. Kato, M. Kobayashi and M. Kawakami
pp 743-749
Induction of abundant osteoclast-like multinucleated giant cells in adjuvant arthritic rats with accompanying disordered high bone turnover
T. Kuratani, K. Nagata, T. Kukita, T. Hotokebuchi, A. Nakasima and T. Iijima
pp 751-759
Effects of ischaemia-reperfusion and cyclosporin-A on cardiac muscle ultrastructure
F. Jurado, J.M. Bellón, J.A. Pareja, A. Golitsin, L. Millán, G. Pascual and J. Buján
pp 761-774


Preservation of human skin structure and function in organ culture
J. Varani
pp 775-783
Extracellular matrix in renal cell carcinomas
J. Lohi, I. Leivo, J. Oivula, V.-P. Lehto and I. Virtanen
pp 785-796
Watanabe rabbits with heritable hypercholesterolaemia: a model of atherosclerosis
G. Aliev and G. Burnstock
pp 797-817
Loricrin and human skin diseases: molecular basis of loricrin keratodermas
A. Ishida-Yamamoto, H. Takahashi and H. Iizuka
pp 819-826
Genetics and pathology of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels
R.A. Ophoff, G.M. Terwindt, M.D. Ferrari and R.R. Frants
pp 827-836
Adhesion-dependent signalling and the initiation of haemostasis and thrombosis
R.K. Andrews and M.C. Berndt
pp 837-844
Oxidative stress and amyloidosis
Y. Ando, O. Suhr and M. El-Salhy
pp 845-850
Comparative histology of pineal calcification
B. Vígh, A. Szél, K. Debreceni, Z. Fejér, M.J. Manzano e Silva and I. Vígh-Teichmann
pp 851-870
Phenotypic modulation of smooth muscle cells during formation of neointimal thickenings following vascular injury
J. Thyberg
pp 871-891
Ion transport in chondrocytes: membrane transporters involved in intracellular ion homeostasis and the regulation of cell volume, free [Ca2+] and pH
A. Mobasheri, R. Mobasheri, M.J.O. Francis, E. Trujillo, D. Alvarez de la Rosa and P. Martín-Vasallo
pp 893-910
Importance of interfacial water in permeabilization of ceramide bilayers
V. Neitchev, E. Kostova and A.S. Dimitrov
pp 911-920
Spectral imaging for quantitative histology and cytogenetics
C. Rothmann, I. Bar-Am and Z. Malik
pp 921-926