Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 13, number 1, 1998

Participation of angiogenesis from rat femoral veins in the neovascularization of adjacent occluded arteries
J.F. Madrid, L. Díaz-Flores, R. Gutiérrez, H. Varela, F. Valladares, N. Rancel and F. Rodríguez
pp 1-11
Alveolar cells in cyclo-phosphamide-induced lung injury. An ultrastructural analysis of type II alveolar cells in situ
M. Sulkowska and S. Sulkowski
pp 13-20
Cape Town solution in prolonged myocardial preservation: structural and ultrastructural study
E. García-Poblete, L. Alvarez, H. Fernández, C. Escudero and A. Torralba
pp 21-27
Effects of indomethacin on sunburn and suntan reactions in hairless descendants of Mexican hairless dogs
T. Kimura and K. Doi
pp 29-36
Histochemial study of lymphocystis disease in skin of gilthead seabream, Sparus aurata L.
C. Sarasquete, M.L. González de Canales, J. Arellano, S. Pérez-Prieto, E. García-Rosado and J.J. Borrego
pp 37-45
Biochemical and histopathological changes in the mortality caused by acute ischemic limb injury: a rabbit's model
J-S. Sun, Y-H. Tsuang, F-J. Lu, K-S. Lu and Y-S. Hang
pp 47-55
An ultracytochemical study on the dynamics of alkaline phosphatase-positive granules in rat neutrophils
X. Jiang, T. Kobayashi, P.C. Nahirney, E. García del Saz and H. Seguchi
pp 57-65
Programmed cell death in nodular palmar fibromatosis (Morbus Dupuytren)
B. Wilutzky, A. Berndt, D. Katenkamp and H. Koshmehl
pp 67-72
Lectinhistochemistry of mixed gliomas demonstrating an intermediate cell type
J. Schill and J. Cervós-Navarro
pp 73-79
The effect of corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) on the adrenal medulla in hypophysectomized rats
G. Hoheisel, J. Schauer, W.A. Scherbaum and S.R. Bornstein
pp 81-87
β-lapachone induced cell death in human hepatoma (HepA2) cells
C.-C. Lai, T.-J. Liu, L.-K. Ho, M-J. Don and Y.-P. Chau
pp 89-97
The distribution, immune complex trapping ability and morphology of follicular dendritic cells in popliteal lymph nodes of aged rats
H. Sato and M. Dobashi
pp 99-108
Electron probe microanalysis of permanent human enamel and dentine. A methodological and quantitative study
M.C. Sánchez-Quevedo, O.H. Nieto-Albano, J.M. García, M.E. Gómez de Ferraris and A. Campos
pp 109-113
Distribution of neuropeptide-containing nerve fibers in the salamander taste organs
T. Kawakami, T. Kusakabe, H. Matsuda, H. Hiruma, Y. Gono, K. Kurihara and T. Takenaka
pp 115-119
Histochemical and ultrastructural study of skeletal muscle in patients with sepsis and multiple organ failure syndrome (MOFS)
N.L. Díaz, H.J. Finol, S.H. Torres, C.I. Zambrano and H. Adjounian
pp 121-128
Characterization of natural occurring Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia in pigs by histopathology, electron microscopy, in situ hybridization and PCR amplification
J-J. Lu, A.J. da Silva, K.T. Montone, N.J. Pieniazek, C-H. Lee, L. Pérez, B.A. Steficek, R.W. Dunstan, D. Craft and G.L. Watson
pp 129-136
Sialoglycoconjugate dimorphism of the mouse submandibular gland acinar cells. Ultrastructural evidence by lectin-protein A-gold probes and sialidase digestion
G. Menghi, A.M. Bondi, L. Marchetti, M.G. Gabrielli and G. Materazzi
pp 137-146
Presence of pigment in the ovine pineal gland during embryonic development
S. Regodón, A.J. Franco, A. Gazquez and E. Redondo
pp 147-154


hu-PBL-SCID mice: an in vivo model of Epstein-Barr virus-dependent lymphoproliferative disease
M-T. Fuzzati-Armentero and M.A. Duchosal
pp 155-168
Hyperlipidemia and kidney disease: Concepts derived from histopathology and cell biology of the glomerulus
V.S. Kamanna, D.D. Roh and M.A. Kirschenbaum
pp 169-179
Morphological analysis of mouse hepatitis virus A59-induced pathology with regard to viral receptor expression
C. Godfraind and J.P. Coutelier
pp 181-199
Skeletal muscle fibre types: detection methods and embryonic determinants
M. Zhang, K. Koishi and I.S. McLennan
pp 201-207
Paracrine control of steroid hormone secretion by chromaffin cells in the adrenal gland of lower vertebrates
G. Mazzocchi, G. Gottardo and G.G. Nussdorfer
pp 209-220
Differential signaling through the T cell receptor: from biochemistry to transplantation tolerance
J. Madrenas and A.I. Lazarovits
pp 221-229
Perspectives in gene therapy
Mª del P. Martín Duque, R. Sánchez-Prieto, M. Lleonart and S. Ramón y Cajal
pp 231-242
Chemiluminescence: a sensitive detection system in in situ hybridization
M. Musiani, P. Pasini, M. Zerbini, A. Roda, G. Gentilomi, G. Gallinella, S. Venturoli and E. Manaresi
pp 243-248
What is the value of proliferation markers in the normal and neoplastic cervix?
M.K. Heatley
pp 249-254
Localization and functions of steroid hormone receptors
S. Yamashita
pp 255-270
Is hematopoiesis under the influence of neural and neuroendocrine mechanisms?
G.J.M. Maestroni
pp 271-274
Antigen detection on resin sections and methods for improving the immunogold labeling by manipulating the resin
S.-H. Brorson
pp 275-281
The cytoskeleton in skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle cells
M.H. Stromer
pp 283-291
Ovarian development in mice bearing homozygous or heterozygous null mutations in zona pellucida glycoprotein gene mZP3
P.M. Wassarman, C. Liu, J. Chen, H. Qi and E.S. Litscher
pp 293-300