Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 11, number 4, 1996


Z. Milicevic, A. Cuschieri, A. Xuereb and N.M. Milicevic: Stereological study of tissue compartments of the human spleen 833-836

J. Varagic, V. Koko, V. Todorovic, Z. Bozovic, V. Lackovic and V. Vuzevski: The effects of long-term low-protein intake on gastrin cells of the rat antral mucosa during adulthood 837-843

E. Fekete, I. Benedeczky, J.-P. Timmermans, B.A. Resch and D.W. Scheuermann: Sequential pattern of nerve-muscle contacts in the small intestine of developing human fetus. An ultrastructural and immunohistochemical study 845-850

D.B. Coursin, H.P. Cihla, J. Sempf, T.D. Oberley and L.W. Oberley: An immunohistochemical analysis of antioxidant and glutathione S-transferase enzyme levels in normal and neoplastic human lung 851-860

G. Gheri, S. Gheri Bryk, G. Taddei, D. Moncini and I. Noci: Sugar residues content and distribution in atrophic and hyperplastic post-menopausal human endometrium: lectin histochemistry 861-867

N. Tachi, N. Kozuka, K. Ohya, S. Chiba and K. Kikuchi: Immunocytochemical localization of myotonin protein kinase on muscle from patients with congenital myotonic dystrophy 869-871

U. Muglia, E. Vizza, S. Correr, G. Germanà and P.M. Motta: The three-dimensional architecture of the myosalpinx in the rat (Rattus norvegicus) as revealed by scanning electron microscopy 873-880

C. Sarasquete, M.L. González de Canales, J.M. Arellano, J.A. Muñoz-Cueto, L. Ribeiro and M.T. Dinis: Histochemical aspects of the yolk-sac and digestive tract of larvae of the Senegal sole, Solea senegalensis (Kaup, 1858) 881-888

F. Prignano, L. Domenici-Lombardo, G. Gerlini, N. Pimpinelli and P. Romagnoli: Cyclosporin-A affects the organization of cytoskeleton of normal human keratinocytes in culture 889-894

L.K. Malendowicz, C. Macchi, G.G. Nussdorfer and M. Nowak: The role of neuromedin B in the regulation of rat pituitary-adrenocortical function 895-897

M. Zhao, K. Matter, J.A. Laissue and A. Zimmermann: Copper/zinc and manganese superoxide dismutases in alcoholic liver disease: immunohistochemical quantitation 899-907

M. Pawlikowski, M. Grochal, A. Kulig, K. Zielinski, H. Stepien, J. Kunert-Radek and S. Mucha: The effect of angiotensin II receptor antagonists on diethylstilbestrol-induced vascular changes in the rat anterior pituitary gland: a quantitative evaluation 909-913

E. Hilario, F. Unda, G. Pérez-Yarza, A. Alvarez, M. García-Sanz and S.F. Aliño: Presence of laminin and 67KDa laminin-receptor on endothelial surface of lung capillaries. An immunocytochemical study 915-918

U. Brinck, R. Bosbach, M. Korabiowska, A. Schauer and H.-J. Gabius: Histochemical study of expression of lectin-reactive carbohydrate epitopes and glycoligand-binding sites in normal human appendix vermiformis, colonic mucosa, acute appendicitis and colonic adenoma 919-930

M. Rubio, J. Carretero, J.J. Cabo, M. Santos, R.J. Vázquez, R. Vázquez and F. Sánchez: Morphometric evidence of the regulation of the activity of LH-immunoreactive cells by corticosterone. An in vivo and in vitro study 931-935

L. Alibardi: Observations on proliferating sheath cells in the regenerating nerves of lizard 937-942

H. Logothetou-Rella: Meiosis in hematological malignancies. In situ cytogenetic morphology 943-963

H. Logothetou-Rella: Description of primordial germ cells, oogonia, oocytes and embryo-like growth in squash preparations of tissues from hematological malignancies 965-984

S. Hassid, I. Salmon, N.V. Bovin, R. Kiss, H.-J. Gabius and A. Danguy: Histochemical detection of expression of binding sites for labelled hyaluronic acid and carrier-immobilized synthetic (histo-blood group trisaccharides) or biochemically purified (ganglioside GM1) glycoligands in nasal polyps and other human lesions including neoplasms 985-992

A. Limanowski, B. Miskowiak and B. Otulakowski: Effects of melatonin, testosterone and the two hormones administered in parallel on epididymis of the rat estrogenized with stilbestrol in the first day of life 993-998

A. Hirshberg, L. Bodner, H. Naor, E. Skutelsky and D. Dayan: Lectin histochemistry of the submandibular and sublingual salivary glands in rats 999-1005


Invited Reviews


A. Gocht, G. Struckhoff and J. Löhler: CD15-containing glycoconjugates in the central nervous system 1007-1028

A. De Luca, V. Esposito, A. Baldi and A. Giordano: The retinoblastoma gene family and its role in proliferation, differentiation and development 1029-1034

A.M. Martelli, L. Cocco, B.M. Riederer and L.M. Neri: The nuclear matrix: a critical appraisal 1035-1048

S. Wizigmann-Voos and K.H. Plate: Pathology, genetics and cell biology of hemangioblastomas 1049-1061

S. Isenmann, S. Brandner and A. Aguzzi: Neuroectodermal grafting: A new tool for the study of neurodegenerative diseases 1063-1073

P.R. Hof, P. Giannakopoulos and C. Bouras: The neuro-pathological changes associated with normal brain aging 1075-1088

M.O. López-Figueroa and M. Møller: Nitric oxide synthase in the pineal gland 1089-1100

J.-P. Zanetta, T. Scior, J. Wantyghem, C. Wermuth, M. Aubery, G. Strecker and J.-C. Michalski: Lectin activities of cytokines and growth factors: function and implications for pathology 1101-1108