Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 11, number 3, 1996


C.R. Braekevelt and K.C. Richardson: Retinal photoreceptor fine structure in the Australian Galah (Eolophus roseicapillus) (Aves) 555-564

C.R. Braekevelt and K.C. Richardson: Fine structure of the pecten oculi in the Australian Galah (Eolophus roseicapillus) (Aves) 565-571

J. Radovanovic, A. Korac, V. Davidovic, V. Koko and V. Todorovic: Erythrophagocytosis by brown adipocytes of rat interscapular tissue 573-581

A. Markowska, C. Macchi, G.G. Nussdorfer and L.K. Malendowicz: Effects of pneumadin (PNM) on the adrenal glands. 5. Potent stimulating action of PNM on adrenocortical growth of dexamethasone-administered rats 583-585

K. Adachi, A. Muraishi, Y. Seki, K. Yamaki and M. Yoshizuka: Coxsackievirus B3 genomes detected by polymerase chain reaction: evidence of latent persistency in the myocardium in experimental murine myocarditis 587-596

R. Pagani, M.T. Portolés, R. Arahuetes, M.J. Ainaga, C. Machín and C. Rua: Comparative in vivo and in vitro models to approach the cellular basis of endotoxic shock. The role of sinusoidal liver cells 597-606

K. Maekawa, H. Furukawa, Y. Kanazawa, A. Hijioka, K. Suzuki and S. Fujimoto: Electron and immunoelectron microscopy on healing process of the rat anterior cruciate ligament after partial transection: the roles of multipotent fibroblasts in the synovial tissue 607-619

P. Babál and W.A. Gardner, Jr.: Histochemical localization of sialylated glycoconjugates with Tritrichomonas mobilensis lectin (TLM) 621-631

M. Sulkowska, S. Sulkowski, H.F. Nowak and S. Terlikowski: Type II alveolar epithelial cells and free alveolar cells after intratumor TNF-a administration 633-640

L.K. Malendowicz, C. Macchi, G.G. Nussdorfer and A. Markowska: Effects of the prolonged administration of bradykinin on the rat pituitary-adrenocortical axis 641-645

D. Accili, M.G. Gabrielli, G. Menghi and G. Materazzi: Histoenzymological detection of sialic acids in the rodent salivary glands 647-658

T. Müller: Morphological differences among nerve fiber endings in the rat oral mucosa as revealed by methylene blue staining 659-666

S.T. Dheen, S.S.W. Tay and W.C. Wong: Localization of insulin-like immunoreactive neurons in the rat gracile nucleus 667-672

C. Tadokoro, Y. Yoshimoto, M. Sakata, M. Fujimiya, H. Kurachi, E. Adachi, T. Maeda and A. Miyake: Localization of human placental glucose transporter 1 during pregnancy. An immunohistochemical study 673-681

H.A. Alavi and E.A. Moscovic: Immunolocalization of cell-wall-deficient forms of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in sarcoidosis and in sinus histiocytosis of lymph nodes draining carcinoma 683-694

M. Oguni, H. Tamura, K. Kato and T. Setogawa: Chronic retinal effects by ultraviolet irradiation with special reference to superoxide dismutases 695-702

H. Sato and M. Dobashi: Ultrastructural localization of S-100 protein in rat popliteal lymph nodes, and very slight proliferative activity of follicular dendritic cells 703-709


Invited Reviews


A.M. Dvorak: Human basophil recovery from secretion. A review emphasizing the distribution of Charcot-Leyden crystal protein in cells stained with the postfixation electron-dense tracer, cationized ferritin 711-728

T.M. Mayhew: Adaptive remodelling of intestinal epithelium assessed using stereology: correlation of single cell and whole organ data with nutrient transport 729-741

H. Abe: The mammalian oviductal epithelium: regional variations in cytological and functional aspects of the oviductal secretory cells 743-768

T. Komuro, K. Tokui and D.S. Zhou: Identification of the interstitial cells of Cajal 769-786

N. Terada, Y. Fujii and S. Ohno: Three-dimensional ultrastructure of in situ membrane skeletons in human erythrocytes by quick-freezing and deep-etching method 787-800

G.-Y. Yang and A.M. Shamsuddin: Gal-GalNAc: a biomarker of colon carcinogenesis 801-806

L. Grogan, K.A. Behan and P.G. Johnston: Recent advances in the biology of colorectal cancer 807-820

T. Kukita and A. Kukita: Osteoclast differentiation antigen 821-830

Erratum 831