Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 8, number 3, 1993


H. Logothetou-Rella: Spermatozoa-like cell invaders (nuclear vlimata) in human neoplasia 407-423

H. Kosmehl, L. Langbein, D. Katenkamp, W. Vogel and A. Berndt: Laminin matrix formation and S-100 protein and/or desmin-positive cells in malignant fibrous histiocytoma (MFH) 425-428

M. Fraga, T. García-Caballero, J. Antúnez, M. Couce, A. Beiras and J. Forteza: A comparative immunohistochemical study of phaeochromocytomas and paragangliomas 429-436

P. Chévez and R.L. Font: Practical applications of some antibodies labelling the human retina 437-442

E. Artacho-Pérula and R. Roldán-Villalobos: Evaluation of volume-weighted mean nuclear volume in endometrial lesions 443-448

R. Gragera, A. Saborido, F. Molano, L. Jiménez, E. Muñiz and A. Megías: Ultrastructural changes induced by anabolic steroid in liver of trained rats 449-455

A. Nishioka, Y. Ogawa, T. Inomata, T. Maeda and H. Seguchi: Fibronectin expression in cancer tissues from patients undergoing radiation therapy 457-462

M. Shakibaei, C. Schröter-Kermani and H.-J. Merker: Matrix changes during long-term cultivation of cartilage (organoid or high-density cultures) 463-470

R. González Santander, M.V. Toledo Lobo, F.J. Martínez Alonso and G. Martínez Cuadrado: Fusion mechanism of the myoblasts in the myotome of the chick embryo 471-490

H. Hoshi, R. Takemoto, H. Nagata, K. Horie, G. Murakami and S. Suzuki: Further histological observations on popliteal lymph nodes after interruption of the afferent lymphatic vessels 491-499

P. Anglade, S. Tsuji, E.C. Hirsch, F. Javoy-Agid and Y. Agid: Ultrastructural relations between nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons and cholinergic nerve endings in the human brain 501-504

J.C. Rodríguez Sanjuán, F. Val Bernal, C. Blanco García and L. García-Castrillo Riesgo: Nuclear morphometry lacks prognostic value in squamous cell carcinoma of the oesophagus 505-508

J. Fernández-Vivero, F. Rodríguez-Sánchez, C. Verástegui, F. Córdoba Moriano, A. Romero and J.M. de Castro: Immunocytochemical distribution of serotonin and neuropeptide Y (NPY) in mouse adrenal gland 509-520

L. Nakapoulou, K. Stefanaki, P.M. Zeis, J. Papadakis, J. Boletis, G. Vosnidis and P. Davaris: The glomerular distribution of laminin and fibronectin in glomerulonephritis 521-526

D. Botsios, L. Economou, A. Manthos, M. Tsolaki, A. Sioga, S. Agelopoulos, I. Dadoukis and Ch. Foroglou: Ultrastructural alterations of the rat intestinal epithelium fed with polymeric, olifopeptidic or elementary full diet, following starvation 527-535

M.P. Cajaraville, J.A. Uranga and E. Angulo: Light microscopic catalase histochemistry in mussel digestive gland tissue 537-546

A. Franco, A. Robina, S. Regodón, J.M. Vivo, A.J. Masot and E. Redondo: Histomorphometric analysis of the reticulum of the sheep during development 547-556

J. Vázquez, M. Muñoz and M.A. Luque: Modifications of the distribution of substance P-like immunoreactivity in the cerebral basal nuclei of the cat after electroacupuncture 557-560


Invited Reviews


J.J. Bogers and E. Van Marck: The ileocaecal junction 561-566

B.B. Rawdon and A. Andrew: Origin and differentiation of gut endocrine cells 567-580

K. Iijima: Chemocytoarchitecture of the rat locus ceruleus 581-591