Cellular and Molecular Biology

Volume 8, number 1, 1993


F.F. Cruz-Sánchez, R. Miquel, M.L. Rossi, J. Figols, A. Palacín and A. Cardesa: Clinico-pathological correlations in meningiomas: a DNA and immunohistochemical study 1-8

C.R. Braekevelt: Fine structure of the pecten oculi in the great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) 9-15

C.R. Braekevelt and I.J. Thorlakson: Fine structure of the retinal pigment epithelium of the great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) 17-23

C.R. Braekevelt: Fine structure of the retinal photoreceptors of the great horned owl (Bubo virginianus) 25-34

I.J. MacPhee, A. Singh, G.M. Wright, W.G. Foster and N.N. LeBlanc: Ultrastructure of granulosa lutein cells from rats fed hexachlorobenzene 35-40

M. Carbajo, F.J. Ortega, M. Hernández, R. Ondiviela, C. Blanco, L. Buelta, F. Garijo and F. Val-Bernal: Epidermoid carcinoma of the lung in stage I: Factors of prognostic interest 41-45

G. Moreu, M.C. Sánchez-Quevedo, J.A. López-Escámez, M. González-Jaranay and A. Campos: Cell surface patterns in normal human oral gingival epithelium. A quantitative scanning electron microscopy approach 47-50

A.W. Vorbrodt, A.S. Lossinsky, D.H. Dobrogowska and H.M. Wisniewski: Cellular mechanisms of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) opening to albumin-gold complex 51-61

B. Stiemer, G. Springmeier, L. El-Jarad and C. Schröter-Kermani: Matrix production of smooth muscle cells from rat aorta in vitro 63-72

H. Oda, M. Arakawa, K. Kambara, K. Nakahara, T. Segawa, F. Ando. T. Kawada, S. Hirakawa, S. Shoumura and H. Isono: Ultrastructural substrates for increased lung water content in experimental pulmonary edema 73-82

J. Sánchez, J.A. Navarro, A. Bernabé, J. Serrano and S. Gómez: Immunogold identification of the GH cells of goat in different physiological conditions 83-89

J. Vaquero, S. Coca, M. Zurita, S. Oya, A. Arias, C. Morales, J. Buján and N. García: Experimental neurocytomas 91-96

E. Redondo, A.J. Masot, A. Gázquez, V. Roncero, E. Durán and S. Piriz: Experimental reproduction of acute pneumonic pasteurellosis in rabbits 97-104

F. Ortega, F. Doñate-Oliver and P. Grandes: Retinal afferents on Golgi-identified vertical neurons in the superior colliculus of the rabbit. A Golgi-EM, degenerative and autoradiographic study 105-111

J.A. López-Escámez, P.V. Crespo, F.J. Cañizares and A. Campos: Quantitative histochemistry of phosphorus in the vestibular gelatinous membrane: an electron probe X-ray microanalytical study 113-118

C.K. Tan and T.W. Chen: A scanning electron microscopic study of the oviduct of the toad, before and during ovulation 119-126

L. Marongiu, M.T. Perra, A.D. Pinna, F. Sirigu and

P. Sirigu: Peptidergic (VIP) nerves in normal human pancreas and in pancreatitis: an immunohistochemical study 127-132

G. Cáceres-Dittmar, F.J. Tapia, H.Y. Guerrero, C.L. Paiva and D. Marcano: Gonadotrophin-releasing hormone immunoreactivity in the brain of the tropical freshwater fish, Pygocentrus notatus (teleostei-characidae) 133-138

T. Samadian, A.R. Dehpour, Sh. Amini and P. Nouhnejad: Inhibition of gentamicin-induced nephrotoxicity by lithium in rat 138-147

C. Hoang, M. Polivka, J.A. Maragi, P. Valleur, J. Nemeth and A. Galian: Immunohistochemical detection of cell proliferation in gastric carcinomas with the monoclonal antibody Ki-67. A study of 24 cases 149-153

R.A. Caruso, G. Giuffrè and C. Inferrera: Minute and small early gastric carcinoma with special reference to eosinophil infiltration 155-166

A.L. Pérez-Samartín and F. Doñate-Oliver: Distribution of cortico-visual neurons projecting to the pons in the cat. A retrograde labelling study with rhodamine latex microspheres 167-171


Invited Reviews


Ludwik K. Malendowicz: Involvement of neuropeptides in the regulation of growth, structure and function of the adrenal cortex 173-186

W.Y.W. Tsang and J.K.C. Chan: The family of epithelioid vascular tumors 187-212